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Working for TD Bank is a great opportunity for me to achieve my career goals. They help me to work while I'm studying which noways is really difficult to accomplish because most of the jobs offers are fixated and are never happy when the schedule has to be change.
Teamwork is stressed a lot. It can get hectic when there are a lot of customers but everyone helps each other out for the most part. Great system for paid time off, they offer a lot of time off. Employer does matching for your 401k which is a plus.
Inclusive environment where people really care about customers and doing good work. Long term promotions and good succession planning occur regularly. Smart people with strong integrity work here.
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TD Bank cares about their employees. The benefits are great. While working in a retail store, there are many connections made with other employees who strive to make the work place feel like home. When working in an environment that applauds constructive criticism and open new ideas, there is room for growth within the company and it is encouraged.
Love working here. Pay is competitive, very flexible schedule and work very well with school schedules. Typically a great job for younger adults in school. Helps build morale, customer service skills, time management skills and multitasking.
Love the company! Every single individuals hard work is noticed. They appreciate and understand every employee. They work with the employees schedule and give constructive criticism to help build a better work force.
TD Bank is one of the best organizations to work for. The culture is extremely fun, supportive, and educational. Although it is a huge commercial bank, you will feel like you are working for a small business. Everyone interacts and gets to know each other on a personal level. The management team is extremely supportive. There is always room for growth. Not to mention that the benefits are great! Even as a part-time employee I was eligible for PTO, 401k, and many other things. Starting my career working for TD helped me build strong communication skills. If you are considering going into the banking industry, I highly recommend TD Bank!
I love this company! They pride themselves in advancement and inclusion as far as ethnic backgrounds go. I am happy I was able to learn how to become as professional as I am today after months of hard work with my managers trying to make sure that I succeed
This is the greatest place to work. The hours are great, the compensation is exceptional, the core of their entire company is built on customer service and we strive to be connected to our customers. I love TD bank and this is a great place to work.
TD Bank is a great company to work for. I’ve been working as a Teller II for the two years that I’ve been there. TD allowed me the opportunity to experience a professional environment since my major is in Business Afministartion. Their commitment to lengendary customer service is unmatched and I couldn’t be more appreciative working for such a company at 22 years of age.
I have had the most amazing job experience at TD Bank. The inviting culture of TD makes everyone feel safe and accepted. My team was wonderful, always building each other up. One of the most heartwarming aspect of TD is the way they treat employees and how understanding they are. I recently was able to claim a leave of absence with pay for my depression. TD is a company I will cherish for life.
Great environment, great team only think I’d say about TD is the hectic schedule. But I guess that really depends on what department and/or branch you work at. Do honestly consider having experience in banking because it is great. Thought me more than I thought it would being Econ major at school helped me a lot to develope my business side of thinking, communicating etc.
I have been working since I was 16 years old and no other company comes close to TD Bank. They gave me an opportunity that I thought would never present itself in one of the darkest and lowest points of my life. This company treats individuals with integrity and respect and that is why I give it my all while I still can. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given and am forever indebted to this company for it.
The best thing about he company are the benefits and the pay. The management could use some better managing skills but overall a good company to work for.
The company is built on the foundation that every single person is important. This extends beyond the business of banking. Our customers are highly valued. So are the employees at every level. TD Bank is very involved with environmental causes, disaster relief, charitable donations and much more.
TD Bank is great bank to work for and cares so much about there customers and meeting their needs. I've been with TD Bank for almost 3 years now and started off as a Teller and got promoted to CSR I and was a great opprotunity for me ever since. This is such a great company to work and how they make me feel so at home everyday I come into work and how much my team wants to see me exceed in my dreams and passion.
The bank has great benefits, the employees are friendly and there are plenty of opportunities for growth if you live in an area with a call center or back office! Plus after a year you qualify for 16wks of paid leave!
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It would be great if they would provide more help with school and flexible hours. This way you can grow with the company and still get your degree.
It's a great place to work learning new things daily. I enjoy my job no complain will be here til I'm done with school and running my own company.
I originally was a Commerce employee then a TD Bank employee. Commerce was a better company as the flexibility to employees was easier. Customers seemed to be happier with Commerce and there was not as much pressure on sales production at Commerce.

If you do not sell your monthly quota of sales you can get written up which is wrong.
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