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What I like about Target is the way the workforce makes me feel welcomed and how cooperatively we work as a team.
Target has provided me a great opportunity as a student to work part time. I started as a seasonal cashier and have worked up to part-time hard lines employee. I like the fast pace as well as physical work that I do. The management and people I work with are great.
I just started this job about a couple of months ago and I love it. My coworkers are very friendly and we all take account of our own duties and ourselves. We keep an eye on each other and make sure everyone is feeling alright before starting work for the day. HR and Management also come in and check on everyone's section to make sure everyone is feeling alright and that we are getting our task done for the days
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I would like to see better management and better pay. The pay is much lower than other local employment areas. Holidays are too hectic and employees rare get a break to sit down and relax.
Target is a great place to shop. It is a Fortune 500 company meaning it is one of Americas biggest and best retailers. The company offers great salary and benefits to its employees and above and beyond customer service to its customers.
Working with this company for almost two years has been very rewarding and fulfilling. I have grown and learned so much- cross trained in multiple areas! Helping guests find exactly what they are looking for makes each day enjoyable and the leaders supporting us in every aspect makes each day worth it.
Overall a good experience when shopping but management needs work. At the moment I am a current employee and am well respected but disappointed with some of the work load given to me.
Target is a rebranded corporation that cares about their members and their customers. Target’s goal has been always bring the joy of family in every aspect of their lives. Team members enjoy many benefits that the company provides such as retirement accounts, flexible work schedule, etc. Team members are always helpful and do everything to help guests to find what they need or want.
It used to be an amazing place to work, but over the last couple years it has gone downhill a lot. There is zero communication from higher ups, training is done with three minute videos instead of leader instruction and help, and they’ve started adding a ton of extra work to everyone’s shifts while cutting hours and the number of people working at any given time.
I've worked at Target for almost 3 years, at two different stores. At the first store I worked at, I was able to build strong relationships with my leadership team and coworkers. I worked hard, and did well, and felt appreciated by my store. I gained a lot of skills both specific to my job as well as helping me build confidence and become more professional. At the current store I'm working at, I have a reputation of being the best "business owner" in the store. Target has changed a lot of its processes, and having to adjust without a lot of changes in pay or hours has been frustrating, however. I continue to do very well, but it has become difficult to be enthusiastic as I feel that I am no longer fairly compensated for the work I do.
Great benefits and higher than average starting wage. HR is extremely accommodating to your schedules (students and non-students alike).
My team was amazing to work with. It was the main thing that led to all of us working with this company as long as we had. I felt taken advantage of, the company stressed open availability, yet others were consistently approved for more strict availability. All I wanted was rotating shifts, I did not mind closing but I simply wanted 2 of the 5 days I worked to open or be a mid. It never happened until my hand was forced and I had to tell them two days that I simply could not close...only to still be scheduled to close from time to time. The benefits are terrible, you must work 30 hours to receive part time benefits but Target is always so low on payroll you will be lucky to consistently work that many hours a week if you are not a manager. I also was considered for manager, but did not like the leadership styles of the STL and ETLs of that store, the constructive communication was not there for any of them, I had the most constructive communication with two f my GSTL's.
The job is easy and doesn't require a lot to be good at.

The work is repetitive and tedious.
Customer facing activities can be easy or nightmare just depends on the customer.
Very easy to burnout and get tired of the routine.
It pays really well, a lot better than most other places in my area. Despite being such a pain having to deal with all of the guests and guest servicing, it really is a pretty good place to work and I have a lot of fun with the people that I work with.
A truly toxic environment. The outer shell of Target is warm and inviting with their Red shirts and Khaki pants. But in fact, the Target that I worked at was ran by a dictator who only liked people that sucked up to him and did what he wanted. There was no inclusion within this store, they boast about caring for their employees. They laid off all of their part-time employees on Christmas Eve, and laughed in their faces when people asked for help. A tuition reimbursement is offered at the cost of your life, and there is no such thing as work life balance. Your life is Target.
Target is a great place to work the work environment and people are all about teamwork I enjoyed my time working for Target.
Working at at Target has been one of the best experiences of my life, I love working there! The people, the free food they give out, the management, even the location, it's all great!
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I had a great time working at Target for as long as I did (about 1.5 years). I only quit because I was going back to college full time, so I wasn't able to dedicate enough time to work.
I love working at Target. I am always learning new ways to help guests and help my store run smoothly. My managers and coworkers create a wonderful environment to work in. The company as a whole has helped my life in so many ways.
I personally find Target to be an example of people with good intentions, but not good methods. They seem to consistently work against their own self interest. Changing titles alone will not lead to a more streamlined business structure. Who cares if cashiers are called check lane advocates? They constantly schedule less people than are necessary every single night. Then they are surprised when inspections don't end up with good results. You can only expect human beings to be able to accomplish so much in a given amount of time. And I wholeheartedly expect things to get worse each time they increase their wages. You absolutely cannot pay every team member the same wage. Cashiers should never make the same wages as employees that have to operate machinery, stock items, and spend significant portions of their shifts in freezers and other inhospitable environments. I applaud the effort, but I find the corporate "culture" abhorrent. Their anti-union stance is terrible.
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