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The company truly cares, I have worked many places before TGH and I have not experienced an environment this welcoming. TGH offers the opportunity for growth and welcomes opinions and questions from their staff.
I like Tampa General Hospital because everyone is about team work, compassion, and treating everyone with dignity. The benefits are great and we get to have community involvement.
I love the overall atmosphere, and I love how you are pushed in this building to make more of yourself and go back to school. One thing I would like to see change is how higher ups treat certain staff.
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I enjoy the environment that I work in. My team and I get to work with the employees to improve their health outcomes. The team I work with is amazing and very caring which is one of the reasons my experience has been enjoyable.
Being able to work at TGH as the Acute Care Emergency Department Research Associate Director has been a life changing experience. Teaching me the intertwining roots that make the tree of medicine. This is a place where they take patient centered care to the next level, knowing the importance of going beyond the standard patient exam and truly caring for their patients and making them feel heard. TGH goes beyond just medicine, including aspects such as cultural, social, and economical into their medical decisions.
Great place to build your career foundation. We are like the worst paid hospital. Nurses make up a great portion of the staff yet we feel like we are the least appreciated team member. Night shift does not get the recognition we deserve. We are expected to produce the same results with less resources. When day shift comes in to a tolerable shift it’s because night shift did their job and ensured their patients safety. Nurse to patient ratio is higher on night shift than day shift and all meetings held on floor happen in the mornings forcing night shift to stay after working a full 13-14 hr shift.
I really enjoy working here. It was one of the best decisions that I have made. This place taught me so much when it comes to my career as a phlebotomist. Also, the skills and knowledge that I learned here I can take with me when I finish school and become a nurse.
TGH is an excellent organization. Leadership cares about the employees and most importantly the patients. Delivering quality patient care is the top priority. There are many opportunities to develop professionally.
TGH is the premier hospital in Tampa Bay, it's a level 1 trauma center and the second best hospital in the state. The location is amazing, but can make parking and commuting a challenge sometimes. Shuttle buses run to offsite parking which can add 15-30 minutes to your commute when it would take 2 minutes to drive yourself.
There are many reasons I chose to join the TGH family. There is only one that I think stands out more than any and that is the health insurance benefits. This is the only employer that I know of where I can afford to cover a family of four without going into debt. I love it.
I would encourage anyone to work at TGH! The culture is amazing, there's always room for growth, and it's highly reguarded in the Tampa bay community.
I love working at the hospital. I feel like I have a voice there and people actually listen to what I am trying to say.
The hospital is very caring towards its employees and patients. They take care of us so we can take care of our patients. Great benefits, great people and a great place to work
I enjoy working at TGH simply because it feels like home. At TGH we are a very passionate and caring team.
Average place to work at with good healthcare. Hours aren't bad. They help pay for your schooling. People are good to get along with.
I love the family environment you feel when you come into work. The hospital also go out of their way to show appreciation for their employees. They celebrate you for a whole week rather you're a nurse, tech, unit coordinator, and etc.
VERY disorganized; the VP of nursing approves a system where ED patients can arrive on the unit without RN to RN report.
It's not a supportive nursing environment. They promote young nurses with less than 2 years bedside experience.
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