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Tampa, FL 33606
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Being able to work at TGH as the Acute Care Emergency Department Research Associate Director has been a life changing experience. Teaching me the intertwining roots that make the tree of medicine. This is a place where they take patient centered care to the next level, knowing the importance of going beyond the standard patient exam and truly caring for their patients and making them feel heard. TGH goes beyond just medicine, including aspects such as cultural, social, and economical into their medical decisions.
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I would encourage anyone to work at TGH! The culture is amazing, there's always room for growth, and it's highly reguarded in the Tampa bay community.
Great place to build your career foundation. We are like the worst paid hospital. Nurses make up a great portion of the staff yet we feel like we are the least appreciated team member. Night shift does not get the recognition we deserve. We are expected to produce the same results with less resources. When day shift comes in to a tolerable shift it’s because night shift did their job and ensured their patients safety. Nurse to patient ratio is higher on night shift than day shift and all meetings held on floor happen in the mornings forcing night shift to stay after working a full 13-14 hr shift.