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Talbots Inc. Reviews

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Great people to work for, great leaders!
Flexible work schedule, eay to pick up hours and to give them away.
Wonderful management. Good rate of pay for the area but still not liveable.
I enjoyed the rate of pay and the amount of hours i was given but i didn't like my managers and other coworkers were rude.
I have been with this company for 3 years working in retail. I love the people I work with and love the atmosphere. The communication between retail employees and the corporate office however, is very strained. The executive team seems very out of touch with how the retail employees go through their daily tasks and the goals that are expected have become extremely unattainable.
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I love Talbots! It’s a great company!! The team works really well together. Our manager is very fexlible in our hours to make sure we have a good work-home balance. She encourages us to take time off. I’m glad that I work for the company!
I would like to see rules and regulations regarding inclement weather change as well as the benefits for those who are going to be giving birth
The atmosphere of Talbots was amazing, the pay and treatment they give their employees is nice and refreshing for a retail position.
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