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It's a place that doesn't promote much personal or professional growth. If you stick around for 20 years they will probably make you vice president of something. Nice people, no accountability, very slow to make changes.
I enjoyed the working environment and coworkers. The management staff showed appreciation by having monthly celebrations. I really enjoyed Customer Service week because we had fun like little children.
Men's Wearhouse and the rest of Tailored Brands is very committed to customers. They provide high quality goods and services for reasonable prices. The corporate culture could use improvement, as they are not very loyal to some of their employees.
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Tailored Brands, specifically Men's Wearhouse, is not a terrible place to work. I have made many friends while working there and I continue to work there. They are flexible with school schedules, and even provide a littler helpful benefits for employees taking classes. But with all the good comes serious negatives. They are company in constant flux, with no real direction, or plan.
I used to work in food service, and that job was great, for a food service job. I was offered this job opportunity at Joseph A. Bank, a company of Tailored Brands Inc., and taking it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The hours are not demanding, and very flexible with my school schedule. Time flies also, because there is always something to do, but not so much that I'm overwhelmed and stressed out. I could be there for seven hours and it only feels like two.
I love working for Tailored Brands! Though I have a few reservations about our corporate office, my coworkers at the Men's Wearhouse are exceptional.
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