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The company is overall an ok place to work If you are in real need of one. The pay tends to be on the lower side which is to be expected. Seniority is definitely in the works, If you are just starting do not expect to get the best schedule as well as getting sufficient hours. I didn't think they were to accommodating when it came to higher education.
As working as a cashier at Taco Bell has been my first job, I am honestly so grateful I work here. They are always flexible with my busy high school and college schedule, and my management is great! Taco Bell is a great place to work and overall a great company. I love my job, though it can be a little stressful during rushes. My coworkers and the overall atmosphere makes all the stress very minimal. There is such an amazing and positive culture here too, so needless to say, it is always a great place to be.
Working at taco bell can sometimes be stressful. Hours can be flexible if you ask on time, get ready to get talked down too.
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My experience at this Taco bell was absolutely dreadful and was not worth the time and hard labor I spent there. The food was terrible and the staff was not very friendly or inviting to customers and would get orders wrong on purpose at times. Once I saw a cashier steal money from the register which I then reported to my manager who in turn did absolutely nothing it was very frustrating.
Taco bell was my first job when I turned 16. I've learned how to work strongly with others, having a good attitude, learning patience, and maintaining a well organized atmosphere. Not only did my crew teach me but the customers played an important role as well.
I love the people I work with more than the company, but they offer competitive wages and great hours with a lot of flexibility, so I can't complain.
My coworkers are amazing. I get treated with respect, and I intend on keeping in touch with my friends after I move on.
What I like about taco bell is the atmosphere. I love the fact that me and my coworkers are close because it helps get the job done smoother and faster. The people here are great, the food is great and the customer service is outstanding. What can be changed is the amount of staff in the night time. People are less open to working overnights so I would say that's the only thing I dislike.
I appreciate the acceptance of all at this company. The employees are helpful and are all striving to please the customers in any capacity. The company strives to follow the motto, "live mas." I wholeheartedly believe that the company lives this out, as well as the employees and anyone else involved.
I love the way the company always has new items. They are always fun and sets them apart from other fast food places.
The managers are real people, who understand real life circumstances, which a lot of jobs do not. They are willing to work with your normal life schedules, and the hours/availability of the stores operational times provides employees a larger range of shifts to work with. You get paid meals and breaks, and health benefits are also available.
The people are friendly we built a "family" bond. Although sometimes things get stressful, we kept our composure and at the end of the day we were like a family. would definitely recommend family and friends as first job.
Fast paced, busy enviroment, with good co-workers and steady pay. only thing i didnt like was the long hours on the weekend, and working drive through in the rain sucks..
I enjoy this job, customers are nice (for the most part it is fast food) and co workers are nice. I do wish there were more opportunities to grow within the company.
Working at Taco Bell in a busy college town has its up and downs. Trying to find life and work balance is difficult when you employee college students who work limited hours. But you find a way to work together and get the job done!
Taco Bell is not the ideal first job for teens, or for anyone not prepared to serve impatient and rude customers. While that may not be the biggest reason to not work there, a huge reason that comes to mind is the hygen. While it may seem clean from a customer's eye when you actually work there is completely different. The main thing to come to mind is the fact that when do the trash run, where we take the trash in the building to the garbage outside we are not allowed to remove our aprons, or anything else that comes into close contact with the food.
Good choice for, either, a first job or a reliable side source of income. Online training made learning a breeze. Ideal fast food working environment.
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It is average for fast foo just not the best place to work. We don’t even get a discount at my location so that could at least improve. Also hours could be more predictable instead of being such a variation.
People are always nice there and the food is affordable and alwAys fresh.We always have a good time there
.The stores are also very clean.4 stars out of 5
Working here is very rewarding, the employees are very friendly and management cares about the employees. The hours are flexible and I am able to complete my education while maintaining a part-time job and Taco bell offers scholarships for college.
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