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The atmosphere at T-Mobile is very laid back, and the managers are down to earth. One thing I'd like to see changed is more open communication about upcoming changes to policy, or products.
Management needs to be more consistent in notifying schedule changes, I am not a fan of how they force us to market in our local neighborhoods if you are placed in a slower store, especially if my job is sales, not marketing. The pay is okay, but I also work for a TPR so I am not aware of how much corporate stores pay.
I worked at T-Mobile for two years as a sales representative. My coworkers and managers were very helpful and eager to catch me up to speed when I first started,it was an absolute pleasure working with them. Every employee feels like they are a valuable part of the team and their performance directly impacts the customers, which increases accountability between the employees. Fun company culture, play hard work harder attitude. Work schedule changes every two weeks.
The work itself is not difficult or mentally challenging. Some days can be very boring. You learn what is necessary to do your job, however nothing extra is added and you do not feel like you are improving or learning anything new. During my time there I was never offered any retirement plan. Overall an average place to work. Going forward I would like to see them provide more opportunities for their employees to grow and advance their careers.
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everything. they claim they're transparent but they are not. the merger with sprint will be a tragedy because thousands will lose their jobs
T-mobile is definitely a great place to work. The benefits are decent, but the commission is pretty great on top of your hourly. They literally pay you on EVERYTHING that you sell AND there's no max payout. The managers and leaders in the company are also amazing and just want you to exceed. If you are failing, they sit you down and HELP you better yourself in the workplace rather than chewing you out and firing you. They help you create a game plan, a goal, and keeps you in check while trying to obtain and succeed in your goals. Such a great, positive and upbeat environment to work in. There's a T-mobile everywhere. & There is ALWAYS room for advancement within the company, as long as you work extremely hard. & They're so flexible!!! They are big on education and totally supports you so they do their best to work with your schedule.
I love the environment working at this company! They really make you feel like you are helping people, your work is important, and that you are part of a team that supports you and is rooting for you. The only thing that I would change is how the training process is set up. Training is all through watching PowerPoint slides or watching videos that read you from a slide so most of what you need to know has to be self-taught. Other than that, i love it. Perks are great too!
I love all the different outlets for creativity and growth within T-Mobile. Between different development programs, our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, and the way we initiate change, I am extremely proud of this company.
It’s a great place to work. Great benefits. Sometimes work life balance isn’t the beat but that’s most jobs. Apart from that the pay is great and everyone seems to be happy here.
Very good place to work with very friendly coworkers. I have been here for over a year and i haven't thought twice about leaving.
Personally I like my job in sales. The crew in almost every T-Mobile retail store warm and welcoming. It a network of team work. I love talking to new customers and helping them with any problem. Seeing them leave satisfied is our goal and it feels fulfilling to us when we achieve that goal.
Wonderful company! Very cutting edge and supportive of employees with all our diversity. Leadership is innovative and we're collectively on a mission to change wireless for good!
Overall, I personally enjoyed working as a retail sales associate. I was able to earn an hourly wage plus a capless commission. I was also able to get experience working in sales and improve my skills. They did offer some benefits such as discounts, paid time off, and sick days. Unfortunately, from experience at my retail location, management was not the best. I will not go into further details for respect for the company as it may be only a single person.
My Experience working for T-Mobile is good. I been with the company for about 9 months now at the Rhode Island Ave location in Washington,DC. I work for a 3rd party for T-mobile under Express. I enjoy it a lot, I just wish that customer service and Retail support be better for customer and reps. The company is very organized and got great benefits.
It comes with typical customer service headaches, but the company does a lot to alleviate it and create a very positive environment. Good pay and monthly bonuses. Great benefits, many I've never seen elsewhere such as childcare subsidy. Not great for people needing part time or going to school.
T-Mobile is a fantastic place to work. John Legere and the other senior leadership team members have a few key priorities: disrupting the industry, serving the customer, and providing an employee experience that isn't draining or ultra-competitive but invigorating and effective.
I love the flexibility I’m my scheduling. I love that T-Mobile offers growth opportunities constantly and we promote within the business. The pay is very competitive and the benefits are like no other
Overall it has been a good place to work. The pay is above average for entry level positions. The offer great healthcare plans for medical, dental, and vision. They offer a place to build your salesmen skills and working on learning how to run a business. It offers me these flexibility to do homework on my free time to succeed in college. Overalli would recommend this job to others.
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love working here. love the atmosphere. pay is good plus commission. growth opportunity. not a lot of hours unless you are selling. good management, good team/
Great employee benefits. They take of their employees. They have the best customer service. Free gifts for customers and great promotions for all. I love T-mobile they are awesome !
I love my job!!! The people I work for my coach Janell Randel and my manager Melanie Aris make every day worth coming to work! My customers are the key to my joy when working here.
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