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Everyone bullies each other, and after speaking to HR about it things only got worse for me. There are no opportunities for growth and they do not like time off. I got asked to leave my doctors appoint to come back and work because no one felt like doing my share of work while I was gone. I also was told that pumping milk during my break was unsanitary and I lost my legally mandated pumping area. The only benefits would be that the work was extremely easy and you get discounts on food products.
I had a good time working here but it is a warehouse and that is hard work! 4 stars because it was nights and was very strenuous job.
Management was outdated and toxic. Very poor leadership. Blamed staff without taking a look at themselves. treated drivers and union employees poorly which made it difficult as a middle management.
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I worked for Sysco from 2001-2014. 2001-2007 in a warehouse, 2007-2014 as a CDL class A delivery driver in Michigan. They have a high rate of pay and I enjoyed the paychecks, but unhealthy expectations for productivity rate. I saw a very high turnover rate, and not very much focus on the retention of employees. I have great work ethic which is probably why I stayed there so long, but not many people stay very long.
I like the finfit benefits and I would change the way Management used favoritism with certain employees when it came to writing up people.
Sysco Corporation is a great place to work. I think that for the Houston area the compensation is fair. There is a lot of changes constantly happening in regards to all facets of the business. They have continued to move forward in the D&I categories. I believe they are lacking most in is health benefits and paid time off.
The plus side pay and benefits were decent for not having college. Other perks of the job were getting to be out and about in the community with very little interference from management. Draw backs of this job were very long physically demanding hours on average 12 to 14 hours a day.
I truly love working for this company. The benefits are great I have great coworker. The team leads are very attentive to all employees, and it is just a great experiences when I clock in every day.
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