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It was really hard going into work everyday. Synchrony Financial is a call center for credit cards. The people calling in every day were not happy people, and they often yelled, swore and berated you. Compensation was based on how quickly you could get people off the phone, how quickly you could notate accounts and exactly what you say on the phone with many scripts that need to be said verbatim. Pay was decent and benefits were good, but the way this place made you feel wasn't worth it.
Fantastic place to work, joining the company was the best decision I ever made. People are so friendly!
Synchrony provides amazing benefits and they realize their front line employees make or break the business. They go above and beyond to take care of their employees needs. They listen and make changes based on feedback from the team. There isn't much to change about the business.
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Synchrony strived to be a great place to work and missed the mark. The work/life balance was heavily skewed towards work and expectations were high. Applying to another department to expand your skillset was available, yet seemingly impossible to get unless you had tenure. Benefits were just okay, but 401k matching was fantastic! It is an okay place to work, but I would not consider it a career choice.
Very nice company. They have excellent benefits and feels like a working family. Multiple career opportunities and one of the best tuition reimbursement programs I’ve ever seen. Some of the work can be draining but the company really cares about you
The reason I like working at Synchrony Financial promotion I received in Consumer Banker back in November 2017. . I previously was an Fraud Investigator for a different company over two years and that position within fraud is all the knowledge I was aware within any bank. After starting within Synchrony Bank, I knew the path I wanted to take within a year and to be honest it was not Consumer Banker. I’m proud that I did not get the position for the Fraud Support Specialist because if I did then I would have not been subjected to such great leadership, opportunity and growth. I am very proud that I stepped outside my box of what I knew and was ready to take on a different route within my career path. I can honestly say I love what I do at Synchrony Bank and I am proud I am getting the exposure to many things within Consumer Banking. The only thing I would probably change about Synchrony Finanical would be the pay. I do feel that it is a little underrated.
This company is really good for people that need flexibility in work schedule and the benefits are great. The roadmap to career promotions are limited for those who may not be able to travel.
I took inbound calls from customers and stores reps and processed private label credit card apps. Also advised them of their credit card numbers if were approved if not, advised would receive letters in the mail. Also was the customer service rep as well, handled all there inbound questions about their accounts.
Out of all the jobs I've had this would be my all time favorite. I am currently a customer service representative. I've been with the company for about nine months and there's so many oppurtunities to grow within the company. Everyone is nice and caring. The comapny has great benefits.
This is an excellent employer with great benefits and it’s an awesome place to work. I would recommend this job to anyone looking for advancement and growth. The culture is all inclusive and if there is an area where improvement is needed the employer depend on its employees to create ideas for improvement.
Easy job with good pay and a very generous benefits package. Opportunities for advancement are available, but only happen every so often. The company is big on diversity so there are cases where the best candidate doesnt get promoted as a result.
I love working at Synchrony because I always feel valued. The company's values support a family-friendly career and give me opportunities to grow as a person and a professional.
They offer so many benefits that start day one. They do a pretty good job at listening to their employees too.
it is a great place to work. I have room for growth and opportunity. I have a great support system.
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