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You can learn to do whatever you want at Symantec and managers will almost always get you the resources you need to learn and grow at the company. Upper management has had a lot of turnover which has caused a lot of instability within the company, but Symantec loves helping their employees accomplish their dreams and goals. Symantec is always offering ways to help employees get the most out of their job experience.
It was a ok experience.I was working for a brief period so cannot comment on full employee benefits and work environment.
I had enjoyed my time there and wish to apply for job in future.
There were decent positions available for applicants and the company size is big too.
Symantec is an alright company. They have average benefits, management could be better, but the work location is convenient and it is an easy job. They do not support "sick pay", however. They combine sick pay with vacation pay. They also have a annoying occurrence policy and you cannot use unplanned PTO.
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The people are great, the company culture is great, the inclusiveness is great, the actual engineering work isn't always great.
It was a hopeful long term position with a good company until they announced layoffs shortly after i started.
I love how Symantec promotes working and learning from others and how there are always opportunities for growth. They never limit you based on what you know or want to know. If employees are burned out, bored with what they are doing, or interested in a different aspect of the company, Symantec is always willing and supportive to help open doors to individual success. Symantec's company culture does annoy me at times, I feel like corporate makes decisions without talking to lower level management and employees that are on the front line who will be most affected by their decisions. Corporate just feels too far removed from the customer and the people that matter most: the employees that work for them. Employees feel expendable. But, if you want to grow and learn, this is definitely the place!
Problem with outsourcing. I work for a company that Symantec acquired recently along with Norton and I can say that this is a good company to work for that offers a lot of products, which is good and bad for sales.
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