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4 North Park Drive Suite 500
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
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GREAT PLACE TO WORK! ITS FUN, We work with children and build relationships with families. I like working here because it is focused on education. Tutoring for children works. We can see results. We focus on the mastery skills and its personalized tutoring. There are growth opportunity to be able to run the center. WE don't work holidays. location is great. management cares about employees. Making great friends and having a great positive motivation.
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Sylvan Learning is an easy, effective way to connect your tutoring services with students. I have looked into other tutoring services before becoming a Sylvan employee, and highly recommend the company over others. There is no prep work needed, as the online system assesses student needs in math or reading and provides content accordingly. Scheduling is taken care of for you as well, as the facility manager will assign each teacher students that match their subject preferences and hours. The token system used to reward student keeps everyone in a good mood, and there is a variety of manipulatives provided for you to suppliment learning. The only complaint I can think of is that $15 an hour, while a decent part-time salary, does not hold a candle to what tutors typically make. However, when you consider the amount of unpaid hours it would take for an independent tutor to find, schedule, and prepare for the same number of students, the pay cut, in my opinion, is worth the benefits.
I have been with Sylvan for 10 years and I love it. If you are the type to seek out interesting work, there will always be something made available to you, which in turn will lead to advancement in the company. Sylvan is always on the lookout for people that have a passion for growth. I've learned so many things in my positions at Sylvan. They've allowed me to grow so much professionally.

I would like to see a better remote work policy (it is currently at the discretion of your Manager) and better health insurance, but these are not sub par by industry standards, by any means. The only other complaint is that we've seen a few layoffs, but in the last couple of years, this trend is slowing because the company is finally growing again.