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Transportation is a great company, very family oriented. The comapany works devoutly to have a great working environments for all of its employees.
Swift Transportation is a good place to work if you are just starting out in the trucking industry. Majority of out tractor trailer drivers are brand new to the industry and Swift will get you your CDL. Getting hired on as a diesel mechanic at Swift would be good if someone is just starting out and had hardly any experience. Swift will train you their own way that best suits the company and not your needs or wants. I would recommend working for Swift to a person who is content with getting paid to do a job and not move up in the company. I have heard from many other employees that Swift is a stepping stone company to get your feet wet and learn, but not a forever job.
It is a good company to work for. I would recommend going to school here to get your CDL. Swift has terminals across the nation, which is very important. Swift pays one-time, and is a fair company.
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Good benefits, just no paid time off. And hard to get on local accounts. Dont care if your a single parent.
it was an enriching experience, the marketing section which is where I work is definitely the best environment, everything works well however some improvement in the communication section wouldn't be bad!
It's easy work but not very rewarding. There is not very much customer interaction and more isolation than I would like. Work does interfere with home life and there are no paid time off. Also it is very discouraging that the company uses a hundred year old law to cheat employees out of overtime pay.
Work there was good. Pay was good. Shorten amount of hours worked though can be very exhausting at times. Managers have good communication with the drivers and they try and work with you whenever they can to accommodate for doctors appointments and personal events.
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