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owners were a little rude to employees. Nothing was done about fruit fly problem in the back. A lot of the machines had problems and it took a while for owners to come in and fix them so the employees ended up having to handle each situation. The rewards ipad wasnt working with customers and wasnt registering rewards, especially when customers wanted to redeem.
The owners are never at the store, but will watch us on the cameras all of the time. They do not know proper grammar or hygiene in the workplace. They play favorites with the employees. We aren't allowed any breaks, free cups of yogurt.
Great work environment! Sweet frog as a corporation has outstanding values and a model work platform. The only thing is that it is hard to get scheduled due to a lot of worker turn over rates.
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Sweet frog is clean, family friendly, and organized. The staff is nice, promotions are good, and food tastes well.
I enjoyed this job, but there was some problems. My home town store manager was always annoyed with his workers and with some customers. I was never paid on time or the basic amount of $8.00.
sweetFrog isn't the greatest workplace. There is only one worker in the store at the time, and the management visits little to no times in a monthly period. Even when things go bad, the management encourages us to sell them anyways so we don't waste anything. There's been mold growing in the fridge before and on the fruit, it's disgusting. But the service is always well, the store that the customers see is always clean, and it's a great place for children. Maybe it's all around better in other locations, but ours is not the best.
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