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Sutter Medical Center - Sacramento Reviews

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My location is under a lot of changes. The employees didn't like the Management before. So the company got new management and is in middle of changing how things are done. These changes have boost moral.
The medical team are all so knowledgeable and they are willing you help you out as a volunteer. I have been volunteering at the ER since September and I love it because it is a very good experience and everyone is super approachable and helpful.
I not only work at this hospital but I have chosen it as the place where I get most of my health care needs. The staff if always friendly and welcoming. They listen to your concerns and do their best to solve them. As a patient, my care takers have always put a smile on my face. I also volunteer her as a unit secretary. The employees are always willing to help not only their patients but one another. they check up on each other often and make an effort to make sure everyone is doing okay. They are responsible and try their best to provide great quality health care. Great hospital overall!
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Great place to start your career. People start here to learn and become educated. Through a strong mentorship program and preceptor program that can be individualized a new graduate may become part of the team. Multiple opportunities for growth exist. The company is attempting to give employees more of the benefits they desire. Union is not in place here as of yet.
I have learned so many things about the medical field working for this non profit organization. I know what it is like to be cared for with the upmost profession and skill needed.
My experience with working at Sutter can only be described as unforgettable as my first and current stable job that is on a career level. Stability and compensation rates beyond satisfactory, but the best part is using my creative ability to promote health in my own particular field of expertise while promoting safety in my role as a Security Guard.
Overall good experience. Most people keep to themselves and get their work done. Some units better than others. Very busy, fast paced environment. Good pay and benefits. Cafe a little pricey, but nice to have the option. The best part is that there is a lot of room for growth and support for students. Most managers are supportive and the company has tuition reimbursement options. You only work 3 days a week (if you work 12 hour shifts, which most people do) so there is a ton of flexibility in scheduling, as far as which days you work. The parking situation is a little rough. Paycheck deduction for parking garage or ride a 10 minute shuttle for free parking.
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