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I really love my co-workers and providing excellent, personable patient care is my passion. There could be more employee discounts. It decreased from my first year of working. The benefits are good. However, management always talks about "budget" and reducing costs. Sometimes it is so difficult for me to find post-its or pens and the copy machine is always breaking.
Sutter is an awesome company that is always evolving to better help patients. Sutter is a patient centered facility and we are always looking to our patients for input on what we can do better for them. Sutter is a non-profit organization that really puts their employees and patients first.
Culture is focused on the patients. Opportunities for advancement are nit well defined or supported. Most likely need to leave company in order to move X ahead in your career. Pay is somewhat competitive but inflexible in changing ranges each year.
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My Experience with Sutter health has been a very good one. Benefits are Good, and my team is awesome. I feel that one thing that could change is educational benefits, Sutter should help us more with tuition and educational time when pursuing a better education.
The staff puts you through very informative and long training to make you feel the most confident before starting on your own. Working with Sutter Health at Kahi Mohala Mental Hospital is like having an extended family. I can always count on my staff and supervisors to support me and help me when I’m struggling at work. They are very encouraging, which is so important at a high-stress job such as this. I love where I work, who I work with and the company I work for. I would recommend this job for anyone who is compassionate and hardworking and looking to help those who have been through more than enough!
I think overall Sutter Health is a good organization. It offers employees pretty good benefits and growth opportunities. I am currently working as a CNA for Sutter Health, but would happily come back to work for them as a nurse once I receive my degree. There are multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, which creates more opportunities for people to work for Sutter Health.
I absolutely LOVE working at Sutter Medical Foundation. They are very patient oriented, they have an amazing staff, along with excellent customer service, and overall very professional. I love how flexible the hours are. I appreciate my managers being ready to help me 24/7. The pay is very, very good and reasonable. I love that I work for a company that has a very positive reputation in the community!!
My experience has been great, the benefits are great although we know the pay is not comparable to say Kaiser.
I love Sutter! It's a great organization to work for with very competitive benefits. They care a lot about their employees and offer many incentives to be an employee. The also listen to their employees opionions by engaging in yearly surveys about your experience of work. In the past they took direct action to fix complaints posed by current employees.
Love Sutter. Good company to work for because it feels like family. Not competitive in salary but they are always trying to stay close to the market. I suspect that they will keep trying.
What I like about Sutter is the togetherness of the employees. Also that the managers come together to provide us what we need to succeed.

I don’t like that there isn’t any transparency in a lot of situations. When video cameras were installed we never got a reason why, when someone was sexually harrassed, the policy wasn’t transparent enough to fire the culprit.
I have worked for this company longer than expected. It has been a great experience and I have had lots of opportunity for growth but they have worked with me because they know how important my schooling is.
Overall, a mediocre experience. I can't say that I am proud to work here and the management team is relatively embarrassing.
Management needs to be on the same page. Not all policies are followed through with. good company to work for though.
Sutter is a company that truly values its members and its employees. I have worked for many health companies in the past and have never been in a location that truly sticks to its core values like Sutter does. It is truly the most employee centric company one could work for. Not only do they focus that commitment of care to their members but to their employees as well.
I enjoy the work environment, people are mostly very friendly. The benefits are excellent as I do not pay for myself or my family members. You accrue PTO pretty quickly. Healthcare is always evolving so sometimes i do worry about layoffs though.
Sutter Health has been wonderful to work for because they genuinely care about their employees. They offer the best benefits of any company I have ever worked for, and their compensation package is very competitive. The culture is one that anyone can really stand behind. Sutter's community service and their dedication to give back makes me proud to be an employee for this organization.
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I have enjoyed working for Sutter Health for nearly 10 years. I have learned so much, met some amazing mentors, and advanced my career.
I very much enjoy working at Sutter Health. In my department, we have such a great workplace environment and plenty of growth opportunities. However, the one thing that I would hope to see change at Sutter Health is that they don't offer enough full-time and part-time positions. I'm currently a per-diem position and so many other employees are. Which means that we are not given many benefits such as PTO, health insurance, etc.
I enjoy the benefits however My supervisor is very controlling and keeps a notebook to refer back to all the things you've done wrong. I however do not judge a whole cartridge by one bad egg. I want to try and find a way to grow within SGMF therefore I need a Tech Degree.
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