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The pay could be better, but it is a good start if you are in need of a job. I did meet good people who I became friends with. The job was overall average, I liked my managers and work hours.
Working for Sutherland global has been interesting. It is your typical call center job. Overall the company is okay to work for. There is just some minor tweaks like the pay and the different programs they contract. In my opinion the pay starts too low. The company can do more in appreciating us in our hard work. Most of my coworkers are nice and there is a positive work environment. There is growth within the company, but it is a selective few through the entire call center that makes it. The company offers great benefits and 401, but they do not match it.
Sutherland offers many benefits, good place where you can be noticed for promotions. Here they have many projects with opportunities to transfer after 6 months. In transferring you retain PTO and length of time with Sutherland.
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Working conditions are great and Management is nice. Opportunities are extremely limited unless you want to travel . Compensation is below standard , especially considering the workload and often positions are required to perform duties that would be split into 2 positions(especially on their insurance programs) at other companies. It is a great springboard to opportunities offered at other companies, used to gain experience and industry knowledge and promotions to adequate paying positions are few and far between. Its a nice place to work
Awesome opportunity and very nice co-workers. Great that they let you work from home office and offer a very generous benefits package. Im pleased so far!
Sutherland Global where people and processes come together. Sutherland is a call center environment. If you are searching for a company that can take you around the world, Sutherland Global is the company to work for.
When a war broke out in Egypt, Sutherland had employees there. Within ten hours of the crisis, Sutherland had a plane on the ground moving all of our employees to safety. Once the plane landed, Sutherland did not ask questions about
Employees are nice, management is horrible. It takes forever to get answers. If you're hired during holiday season your checks look like a fast food employee. Everyone wants to be the boss. Certain departments get better treatment than the others. PTO is offered after being there for a year. Time and pay is always messed up. On top of that the systems suck. Its an ok company to work for if you don't have an education.
This company is amazing great benefits and excellent pay. Yesterday the company through a carnival for all the employee food drinks fun a on the company .
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