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They offer a very flexible schedule and the work itself isn’t hard just very monotonous. Often people on the phone will get angry at you for just calling them. Good pay per hour and good job if you can stand it.
I worked in a regional office in Rexburg, ID. The location was great. Though it was a hard job at times, supervisors did their best to keep morale up. Supervisors are friendly and helpful. The job was easy and straightforward. I loved it, to begin with, we all start calling people to participate in political surveys. Recently, new management and the lack of work has created volatile hours. I would be scheduled to work for 25 hours, and would only get about 3 hours a week. They would let you know very last minute whether you would work that day. Time off is lenient, as you can take at most 21 days off. Though they are extremely strict about making up hours.
It was a good company to work for but as the industry change the company failed to adapt and thus sales suffered and new management was put in place and a revolving door caused uncertainty about the future. I left and the company merged with others and still seems to have uncertainty in the future.
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I absolutely loved working here, overall an excellent experience. All of management truly cares about the dialing agents and appreciate them. Due to the location of the call center, most of the employees are college students. This leads to a very fun and interactive environment. The only thing that I would complain about is the underground location. At times it can seem a little dark and dreary, but other than that it is an excellent place to work.
I worked as a telephone interviewer for 5 months as a side job during college. It helped pay the bills but left much to be desired in the form of actual skill development. The best thing I was able to take away from this job was the telephone etiquette. Verbatim responses are required which can be painfully repetitive over an 8 hour shift. There is not much room to move up in the company and the pay is based off of performance which would be a good incentive if it wasn't based upon the people who you call. The good thing about this job is that you can study between phone calls. If you are looking for a short term side job this may be for you, but it can be difficult not to get burned out.
It is okay. If you are fine with sitting in a chair for hours on end conducting surveys then this the perfect job.
I really like the fact that you are pretty much your own boss. You choose which contracts you want to work and the hours are flexible.
If you work hard it pays off, the managers are all nice and understand the difficulties of the job. They reward you if you do well. some people think that they are unfair but i think its only the troublemakers or people with no work ethic that say so
The job itself it pretty easy. As a telephone interview, you all and complete surveys over the phone with people. The negative is that it can become a bit monotonous.
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