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Overall an awesome and unique work experience. You work from home but it never seems like you are alone. There is always conversations and management and above are always available to help
Great training with awesome trainers. Never left without supporting upper management once out of training. Access to incredible and reliable sources and tools to help customers with their issues.
Ok company but who we were contracted out to asked a lot more of us than what they were willing to pay for our customer care
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I love it there, they treat employees good and offer overtime, they train you 6 weeks of technical work, then you take test, to test your knowledge and then they give you a lot of documents to save because you will need it when in nesting and production. if you have any questions they will ask you and they will do different assignments in group and role play everything. I have had a great experience working there and I love it
My experience at was not good because I mostly had upset irrate customers who demanded help when you helped them all that you know how. I liked how you were able to get paid time off of work if you needed it. I did not like the paid job training for 7 weeks from home because you do not get a chance to practice what you learned in job training. There is a high turnover rate at this comonay. When you need help management don't help you. When the customers ask to speak with a manager, the managers don't come to the phone. This company provides good health benefits and life insurance, including a flexible spending limit for your medical benefits and medicine and doctor visits and co-pays.
Convenient workplace, but not enough tools to succeed or excel. I enjoy working from home but it seems as though they do not take having enough support for employees seriously.
I really enjoy working for this company as it is a remote environment and everyone works from home so it really works for me
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