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Working at a supervalu pharmacy, specifically Cub, has been a bit of a mixed bag. My hours, vacation, and work environment tend to be good and positive. However, the ability to gain full time benefits, raises and the like can be difficult and unrewarding at the level of pharmacy technician.
This company is a great place to start as a pharmacy technician. At my location, staff are veteran pharmacy technicians, so starting here was a great place to train and gain experience and wisdom from knowledgeable staff. Corporate visits happen frequently, and new policy implementation comes with personal support and training. The work environment can be stressful at times because of the nature of the field, and we often do not have enough people staffed to handle work volume. However, pressure helps make people better, and I feel overall it is a great place to work.
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone tries to make each and every customer feel welcome and satisfied with the service. It’s a one stop shop. Customers do not need to go anywhere else, they can get everything they need all under one roof. Prices are very competitive with other stores in and around the area. Often times prices are much less or can be matched to surrounding stores. Many of the employees have been working there for years. It is always nice to see a familiar face when you walk in the doors. It’s nice to have someone who knows you and knows your likes and dislikes. It makes the good customer service that much more evident.
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I'm reviewing specifically their Save A Lot chains. Now this to me is just a job until I find a better one. I'm reviewing my observations of the experiences of my coworkers. Since everything is wholesale is discount, nothing spared for ease, which youd expect, and corporate's decisions are both frequently short-sighted and inefficient. You'd expect for efficiency and low costs to outweigh ease, but the choices they make have neither. They've been sinking for a while, and are getting beat out by competitors, and it's clear to see why. I do feel bad for stating the truth, as even at an entry-level position I'm well-liked by my store manager, district, and even the guy above him (I forget his title), but it's such a trainwreck.
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