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I love working at Supercuts because the hours are flexible and I like my coworkers and helping people with their hair
I’ve been working at Supercuts for a year as a receptionist while also balancing being a student and sometimes scheduling is not quite as flexible but it pays a little over minimum wage.
Overall it's a great company to work for. It offers insurance and other incentives every quarter to keep you motivated to do better and become more successful. It offers continuing educations classes throughout the year for self improvement as well.
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Never would I have guess this position would last 20 years. Always offering, updates in industry as well as pay incentives. The owners are very enjoyable to speak to, they never act as a superior. If you choose, you could work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, the business is that steady, at most locations, great descision of my half in 1997.
Pro: tips, regular customers, paid training and color classes
Con: Lazy management, Hardly any benefits, Pay for your own materials, min wage, only part time available
Great company for fresh out of school cosmetologist! They dont push you right into servicing and instead they have training for you for cut and color. Management needs a littlw bit of work but nothing crazy. Payment needs to jncrease because they rely on “metric system” i believe is what they call it. For slow locations it is very hard to rely on it to make good money.
The tips are mostly good and good experience. The district managers and corporate do not care about the employees. Overworked and many times no break. Long hours on your feet and you use your own equipment.
I love the working environment provided at supercuts . The employees are very helpful and they care about their clients. I also like the flexible schedule provided as I am a student. There are many rewards and services provided at this location as well.
I love working for Supercuts because of the clientele I am able to build and the teachings that I am able to receive
Supercuts is a great company to work for, they strive to inspire stylist to build by continuing education within the company and using techniques that help maintain and strengthen talents as a stylist. Supercuts provides opportunities for growth and offers a flexible work schedule which can be important in today’s busy world. Supercuts has an amazing team of educators and manager who always put the best interest of their stylist first.
The educational seminars offered through SuperCuts is superb on cutting! The color line is lacking to say the least and the local management is struggling to balance their personal lives and their work obligations.
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