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About Super One Foods...
5065 Miller Trunk Hwy
Hermantown, MN 55811

About Super One Foods

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Super One Foods Reviews

3 reviews
My experience at SuperOne Foods was terrible. My job was courtesy, or grocery bagger, and I was treated very poorly. The managers would make us do the down and dirty work, like scraping 20 year old paint off the wall, which was never in the job description. You could not go get a drink of water with out someone yelling at you to get back to work, and you barely got any breaks and when you did it was only 15 minutes. I can not describe the satisfaction I had when I resigned from my position here. I will never recommend someone to work here unless it is the last job available in town.
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Working at Super One is truly great. The boss is great at working with my schedule, which I know can be hard being as though I'm a high schooler in two sports whom also plays a large role in community events. I always have a good time at work, I may occasionally not be too excited to go into work, but I always leave with a smile on my face, rather it be because of laughing so hard I cry with coworkers, or a sweet customer.
I have really enjoyed working for Super One Foods. I am especially grateful for the chance to change positions in the company after only being employed there for a short time. They are kind to me and understand that taking vacations with my family is important to me.