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Not the best place to work at all. The management was really bad and make it hard to grow with the company.
Management is extremely comprehensive and supportive of every teammate situation. The environment is amazing; every month there is a different activity that involves some competition and potlucks. Teammates are the best aspect of the work, everyone projects great energy towards the rest of the team, which many times may fix your day. Momentum OnUp is a great program that allows absolutely everyone take a real approach to their personal financial status, and how to improve it. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
Bosses need to be honest keep their word and be fair to all employees not catering to favorites.and i believe opportunities for growth and advancement are in the company.
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Sun Trust is a great place to work. You receive the appropriate training for your role. And continue receiving training and coaching to succeed at your position. Great customer service is a high priority as are your sales goals.
Not a lot of opportunities for growth, they have laid off a lot of people. Hours are consistent and pay is ok
It is a wonderful place to work. I have learned and grown a lot. I love the benefits like working from home, Red Brick to encourage us to stay healthy and Tuition reimbursement.
Suntrust bank care for their clients, the bank do want's right for clients. The company have the best customers service. They always looking for ways to improve on clients companies and make some changes. With this company they put their clients first.
Company is like most banks in the sense that goals are somewhat competitive. The atmosphere is very two sided, however. Company culture is centered on customer service and financial confidence but falls short on ensuring employees are financially stable. Pay could be a little better and more time off, I think, could be warranted. Especially for senior employees.
As a new member of the team, I couldn't be any more grateful to have been chosen to represent the SunTrust brand who stands on integrity and relieving financial stress while building financial confidence.
Working at SuTrust has been my best job experience yet! I love the team that I am apart of. They are always there to support and make me be the best me I can be. The management team is amazing and very involved.
There is a lot about this bank that is positive. They empower their employees to help their clients achieve their goals and improve their financial standing via services offered. Unfortunately their operations also breed a level of distrust and underhanded tactics between departments in the sales area that has teammates "stealing credit" for sales from their teammates in order to make their set goals.
I am absolutely blessed to work for such an amazing company. From the start of my career here I have never doubted this is where I will spend all of my years until retirement. It is truly amazing how this company gives me a purpose and I feel more than appreciated by each and every teammate or senior management officer. The benefits are untouched by others and I leave everyday with new knowledge on something that I can teach to another and change their whole life.
I have been working in banking for 14 years and SunTrust is by far one of the best employers I have ever had the pleasure of working for. SunTrust is true to their commitment to guide clients and teammates to financial well being. Competitive pay, great benefits and home life balance coupled with sales integrity make SunTrust Bank one of the best employers on earth!
Great place to start the finance journey. i been given the opportunity to grown and they have work with my school schedule. One of the best experiences have been working for the company, they hav show me everything from dealing with the cashier to calming down a angry costumer. the job we doing here is helping million of other out there.
I am having a great experience here at Sun Trust bank. Everything here is pretty easy to learn and there is always someone willing to help you learn.
I enjoy working for SunTrust, it gives a lot of opportunities for someone to grow within.
The sales decrease, therefore, is easy to achieve them with awesome compensation.

They give you a 401k where they match up to 6%, it's a great opportunity to start saving for the future.
What I liked about SunTrust was its overall benefits package for its employees. I would like to see the corporate culture change at SunTrust. It is a hostile work environment to work in on a day to day basis.
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Great company to work for. Fantastic management team and always room for improvement. Certain job positions allow for you to work remotely from a home office. Hours can be flexible depending on job position, most roles allow for self scheduling.
I am a teller at SunTrust and I love what I do. My co-workers at SunTrust are amazing and fun to work with, because no one likes to work with someone they do not like. SunTrust people like their employees, they appreciate what we do there and making sure we are doing our jobs right.
Pro: Workforce is knowledgeable, very smart, and willing to help. Good work-life balance to have meaningful work but also respectful of outside priorities. Ability to work remote.
Con: Onboarding process could have been a little more clear
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