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Sunset Station Hotel Casino Reviews

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terrible sick policies, but they take care of employees pretty decently in other ways. Free meals on days you work. about every other month there is some sort of extra reward like coupons for restaurants and shops on the property. Every month there is a big birthday cake to celebrate all birthdays that month. free coffee, soda, water, etc. vending machines for employees with energy drinks is cheaper than buying at a gas station.
over all the company isn't terrible, but there are people in management who have no understanding work that their employees do.
Good place .Good benefits. The people I work with are cool. I will work here as long as I can. The managers are hard workers and care about the other employees. It's tough to find a good environment where it is expected to work hard as a group. People make the job hard or easy. Here at Sunset it feels like family so the work days are very productive.
I like everything the company offers, it would be so much better if they had a plan for students. Like scholarships and such.
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Great opportunity for advancement with plent of room to grow with the company. An open door policy with management that encourages employee suggestions for the improvement of the company.
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