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1500 SW 10th St
Topeka, KS 66604
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Stormont Vail is a great hospital to work at! They are focused on patient centered care and the well being of their employees. I have worked there almost 4 years there are so many amazing people determined to give the best care they can give to every patient across the whole hospital setting. I love the people I work with and would recommend working at stormont vail if you want to work in the healthcare field.
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I'd like to see insurance benefits change! They increase every year. This year they tried giving a discount but its only $10 and the insurance went up $20 so it's still more expensive every year no matter what wording they put in the explanation of benefits page.
I am currently a nursing student so working at stormont not only gives flexiability to choose my hours right now, but it provides many opportunities for future job placement. The staff is friendly and supportive and the work enviroment if fun.