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In the beginning I didn't really quite like it. I thought it was going to be my first job and I was going to quit when I graduated high school. Till this day I work here and now I am a customer service rep and supervisor for the front end. I got promoted the 2nd year going into the 3rd year to customer service. From there I became supervisor and began to advance my knowledge on how to be a supervisor and hopefully a manager one day. I have been there for the past 5 years and the company is thriving everyday.
Management does not care about employees. They do not take into account the personal schedule of employees. Schedule was very unpredictable, varying from week to week. Amount of hours could suddenly drop, without regard to the employee's needs. Not a parent, but I can imagine how difficult it can be as a parent to work here. Only benefits as a part-time are 5% discount(ridiculous compared to like 20% at wholefood) and Sunday time and a half. Pays minimum wage.
It’s clear that Stop and Shop is only out for profit and they do not care about the well being of their employees. Store level management is wonderful for the most part, but the company as a whole does not care.
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I worked in the bakery. Typical day consisted of making sure the displays on the floor were full throughout the day while setting up different frozen items to be baked off the next morning. I learned time management because I was alone every day and had four hours to get everything done while occasionally taking care of customers in store and on the phone. Workplace culture was everyone kept to themselves in their own departments. Hardest part of the job was working off the clock on my breaks and overtime without pay. The most enjoyable part of the job was that I worked alone, so i could do things the way I wanted to.
its a good place to work if you're still in high school or elderly, but a dead end job for people looking for advancement jobs in their 20s-30's. Overall good for teenagers.Honestly, I would have stayed at stop and shop If there was a way to advance. Of course they want you to go through certain levels to see if you’re material enough to be an assistant mgr or mgr of a department. I loved that it had a union. They could help you with anything. Between getting injured and also being “suspended” because you were out too many times.
The work environment here is good for college students or retired older individuals who would like flexible work hours and decent benefits.
This job gave me a lot of time to work on my skills dealing with the public. I enjoy seeing regular customers and helping them find things. There could be better benefits, but flexible work hours are great for people who need it.
Instead of the company moving full time employees from one store to another let some of the part-timers who want fill time have that position.
Overall the experience is great, I like that the company hires and promotes within. The rising star program is a great initiative to get part time employees to be full time, but the process from getting them to part time to full time can be very slow. I think many people are against going full time, like myself, because they do not want to be able to be shipped to a different store whenever there is an opening. A lot of people plan their life around their job (obviously) and getting transferred hardly offers any benefits besides a longer commute.
I like that the hours are set based off the schedule that is given to them and are willing to work around your school schedule. What I think can improve is the store itself having enough cashier in the store during our busy days which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Very flexible hours, ability to move to different positions or departments, paid time and a half on Sundays.
Had a pleasant experience working there. Very flexible in terms of shifts, easy work, and great coworkers.
I enjoyed the multiple shifts provided at your disposal and the multitude of areas you can choose from.
The work environment is fairly relaxed in terms of requirement. The managers generally were extremely helpful and willing to listen, even had a sense of humor. They would at even times help out with the work when we were 'drowning' due to the workload. The flexibility with schedules made it ideal for a college student who's work schedule constantly changes and may require more or less hours depending on context.
That being said there is often a shortage of workers which leaves the remaining workers working late into the night with no set time (unless requested specifically) to leave. A lot of this comes from the fact that the company hires too many minors which by law leave at 930, leaving the adults at a disadvantage to finish at a decent time. It would be nice to see the company be more selective about hiring or make the order policy fit better to ensure where not left constantly to work until the morning unknowingly.
This job is okay. If you're looking for a short term part-time job while in school, I recommend it. Each store varies in age group and management, so while some stores may lack good management and communication and workers, others will have a better chain of command. Typically, I work at night since its a bit easier and I work as the ACSH at night normally. Moving up in the job isn't hard if you do what you have to do in a quick, friendly, and timely fashion. Dealing with younger people (ie. teens) is normal as well as older people who use this job for part-time on top of their regular jobs. Personally, unless you're at a high position like Front End Manager or Store Manager, I don't recommend making this a full-time job.
Good atmosphere with fellow coworkers and talking to customers about their day to see them smile. Also providing quality service to customers and spreading a good reputation to help bring Stop and Shop to being a better place of convenience.
It's great. I like the selection of foods and stuff. There are many great options to choose from at the store. Though there can be improvements in the international aisles.
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They were very flexible with their hours, but unfortunately there was not much place to move up. i was stuck being a cashier and i wanted to grow by gaining more responsibility which was not possible .
The application process was easy. The location is ideal for me because it is close to my house. They offer good benefits even for part time employees. They accommodate my scheduling needs
I did not like it, I needed a job that was close to me where I would get regular hours. I did not get regular hours and there's no room for growth unless you work there over 10 years.
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