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After working at Staples for 4 month while attending college, here is my review. Staples has been one of the better companies I have worked for. The staff is caring and supportive and management does it best to make sure the store is running smoothly. We have weekly sales goals and everyone does their best to reach them. I liked the way the business was run as it was an easy low stress job for me to work while in college. If there was anything I would like to see changed, It would be the pay. Working in the technology center requires you to have a vast knowledge of technology in order to assist the customers and I believe associates working in that position should be paid more.
I've worked at Staples since 2018. It was the best decision I made. The atmosphere is so welcoming and your managers are like your friends not just your boss. They understand and they work with you when needed. The one thing that I think that should change is PTO not being available for those who are part time. With what's going on in the world right now, I feel like they should incorporate it so if we go out sick from COVID-19 we are able to be compensated.
I have a wonderful team of coworkers, a wonderful manager, a wonderful district manager, and a wonderful regional manager. My position in store allows me to work around printers, which probably sounds boring but it’s absolutely amazing. Previously being a graphic designer, getting the chance to help advice customers on their design projects for their businesses is so amazingly awesome I cannot even put it into words. Furthermore, when I get to see the final printed product of all of our hard work, it’s like I’ve just helped deliver a mother their child.
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I worked as a Tech Sales Associate. They are required to stock shelves, work the register, clean the store, take inventory, and help customers with with purchases while also "encouraging" them to buy things to bundle with a printer or PC purchase. All of these are standalone jobs at other large retailers, so you're basically doing many jobs in one. Cold selling "protection plans" on electronics is very difficult and most of the time customers won't buy one. If this happens continuously you will get a stern talking to from the store manager. Most of the people I worked with, including the customers were nice but you will get the old people that don't know what they're doing and will get mad at you as a result. Pay was okay, started below retail average but got a raise soon to be competitive with Walmart. Would recommend applying to other places first.
Honestly, the Staples I work for has some wonderful employees. They all work hard and try their best every single day. The managers care about their employees and try to help them in any way that they can. Start pay could be raised. Especially for those who work in the print and marketing department. Benefits are good.
I have been a sales associate at Staples for a year now and my experience has been wonderful. This is my first job and I was nervous initially about how well I would be able to work though all of the tasks. But Staples is a great environment that helped me feel safe and guided me throughout the whole way. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work at such an amazing work place like Staples and I wouldn't change that for anything.
Working in retail at Staples is unfortunately the story of many retail positions. As a supervisor, I was paid just barely above minimum wage, but was also expected to perform high level marketing tasks such as market research and customer development on top of my customer service and production responsibilities. In my opinion, if you want the high level tasks done, pay be the high level salary.
Best part-time job for college students. Very flexible schedule and is stress-free to focus on studies.
Staples is a place unique. It can have its ups and its downs but ultimately its adecent place to work. One thing to keep in mind is you WILL be on your feet, so if you have flat feet you need to keep that in mind. Pay is decent
Staples allows for flexible scheduling for their employees, management was better before the transition of new managers. Work flow is steady
I like how it is not a fast-paced environment. It is usually on the less busy side. You do learn how to work in all of the departments. I did not like how we were pressured to sell protection plans.
Not a great place to work. Upper level management does not care about employees but only profits. There is not much room for growth. It is only good as a temporary job.
I would like to see management change, the previous managers were much better than now. I like the flexible hours.
I enjoy working as a Tech associate. I get to spend my time learning how to sell to customers. I enjoy my manager Mike as he is a caring and supportive individual.
It is a very understanding company who offers multiple benefits. They are always open to rehiring employees and working with their work schedules.
The position with in the stores themselves are not bad. You are told exactly what you need to do and what is expected of you. The stores are well kept and nothing falls far into a gutter and forgotten about. Staples may be a bit behind on the curve in interest to the younger generation but, they still keep the business running and to this day is very enjoyable.
Best job I've ever had. I've been taught a lot of useful professional skills, but I am not paid enough for all the pressure I endure regularly.
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Staples is a great company. The company offered more than health insurance, 401K, and disability insurance. They care about their employees mentally and physically by encouraging them to pursue their own hopes and dreams. Our managers give us opportunities to move up in the company. We are given time to shadow other divisions to see if it sparks any interest. We are given leadership roles to improve our skills. If we want to pursue dreams outside to company, our managers ask how they can help and genuinely listen. It is nice to have a manager who cares about my pursuit in life. Staples also encourage their employees to take time off and tend to their families. Our families are included in family picnics sponsored by staples. We are allowed to put up personal pictures and decorate our areas as we see fit. Staples believes that if the employees are happy and healthy, they will do their best work for the company.
It’s a great opportunity to improve customer service and be a team player. The benefits are not good and there are little to no opportunities for growth.
Great management team, great support from teammates, we provide excellent customer service to our customers. Just love working for staples
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