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Best job I've ever had. I've been taught a lot of useful professional skills, but I am not paid enough for all the pressure I endure regularly.
Staples is a great company. The company offered more than health insurance, 401K, and disability insurance. They care about their employees mentally and physically by encouraging them to pursue their own hopes and dreams. Our managers give us opportunities to move up in the company. We are given time to shadow other divisions to see if it sparks any interest. We are given leadership roles to improve our skills. If we want to pursue dreams outside to company, our managers ask how they can help and genuinely listen. It is nice to have a manager who cares about my pursuit in life. Staples also encourage their employees to take time off and tend to their families. Our families are included in family picnics sponsored by staples. We are allowed to put up personal pictures and decorate our areas as we see fit. Staples believes that if the employees are happy and healthy, they will do their best work for the company.
It’s a great opportunity to improve customer service and be a team player. The benefits are not good and there are little to no opportunities for growth.
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Great management team, great support from teammates, we provide excellent customer service to our customers. Just love working for staples
My manager is a jerk, which reflects a toxic corporate culture that is squeezing its employees with unrealistic benchmarks to try and make up for a struggling brick and mortar retail environment. The company advertises good benefits and advancement opportunities for part-time workers, but in reality the benefits are mediocre amd don't kick in until one year of service, and advamcement opportunities are largely driven by nepotism. The company lacks innovation, perhaps because it doesn't listen to its young and bright entry-level retail staff. The company asks too much for too little pay, training is non-existent at the retail level, and as a result it engenders little to no loyalty from its workers. The only good part of the job is my coworkers, who are sweet people. Other than that, this job amounts to a paycheck. Staffers should get out to a better job as soon as they can.
I like my coworkers, although management is questionable. There need to be higher standards of hiring management so we dont get managers that hide in the office during BTS rush and make others do their work.
I have worked in the food service industry since high school, and even in my short time at staples it has outstripped them in every way. The first thing that stood out to me was the feeling of being part of a team, something that was sorely lacking before. At staples everyone seems eager to help each other and share what knowledge they have. Management encourages you to learn all you can to advance your position at staples, and they actively educate you. Staples is the first job I've had that actually allows new employees to take advantage of their benefit program, and as someone who requires glasses that is a huge boon. Staples has made every effort to make life and work easier, from a strong team atmosphere, stable hours while working with and around your schedule. If I didn't want to persuade further education it would be the perfect job!
Good place to work but they lack diversity in leadership positions and are constantly laying people off; that causes instability in the workforce.
This is my first job at Staples working in the office supplies department. Initially I applied for cashier position, but my interest in Electronics and Computers helped me get promoted to this department. I've learned a lot dealing with various personalities and how to be good sales person. I am always helpful and explain to customers on how the products work.
I like that Staples is very customer oriented , yet as an employee I would like to be able to do more than stand behind a register.
Staples offers basic work experience but is lacking in terms of long term goals. Little wiggle room in terms of compensation.

There is small room for growth into a supervisor position but then the scheduling becomes almost random at times.

Friendly employee's to work with.
Staples has a great way of expressing their way of selling their products. They have a great work companionship and they are not rude at all to any of their customers and are very helpful to everyone.
It's the normal retail experience, although it does feel like you're really scamming customers with the selling tactics and metrics that we have to hit every time we are in the workplace. For students and college kids, this is a slow and easy job to do, but at time it can get stressful. It's certainly better than working in fast food. You get paid around the same amount as well.
It is a great place to work. I have been with the company for close to 5 years, and hope to be there for 5 more years
It's honestly not a bad place to work especially if your just trying to get by while in college. Most of the management is nice they have been extremely flexible with my schedule so I really can't complain. Usually if you show a genuine interest they will more than willing to push you in that direction. The pay though is a little dissatisfying and noncompetitive.
Working for Staple’s was one of the best decides I have made, while you may not think that a Office supples store would be the busy now a days, think again. There a pretty of opportunity to move in this company, not to mention you develop relationships with you customer, which is very important for business now a day.
I have worked for Staples for over 2 years now. I have greatly enjoyed my time with the company! I have learned so much and have done well financially as well. If you're looking for a decent high school job this a great company to work for!
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Staples is a decent place to work. Some of the methods for advancement are odd, and the management style is a bit overzealous. However, the camaraderie more than equates for the other minor issues.
My coworkers are amazing. However, the metrics that management is pushed to meet creates an unpleasant work environment
I working in Staples for almost 1 year. I really like it here. Staff are friendly and good work environment condition. I have developed my English skill and communication skill since I work there.
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