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Stanford Health Care is a professional and efficient healthcare company. Committed to patients, Stanford does everything it can to make the patient experience positive and effective.
This is a great place to work if you are driven and enjoy patient care. There is plenty of room for grown if your willing and wanting to move up in your career.
I work as a Patient Transport so I work with patients from ages newborn to 90's. I work with all patients (ie) cardiac patients, pre and post operation patients, pediatrics. I've been working there for 2 months and I absolutely love to atmosphere of this hospital.
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I love that everyone is friendly and helpful. They are eager to train the newly grad employees. We also get free coffee and sometimes free food as well. But very fast pace though.
Working at Stanford has caused me to be more aware of how my actions are being received by patients. Stanford has very high standards for putting patient first. I’ve witnessed how small efforts make huge differences in how care is received, such as communication at eye level, acknowledging others in the room, asking permission before proceeding with an action, and explaining what I would like to do and why it is important. I take pride in communications with my patients and colleagues. My experience at Standard has paved a fantastic foundation for Physician Assistant school.
I really enjoy working here. I work at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at the Pediatric PANS department. This is a fairly new department where it had inspired me to further my career and by doing so to start going to school again. The environment there is extremely welcoming and professional. Physician and Staff are always helpful and never judge you or the patients there. It's just heart warming to see the amount of professionalism, teamwork and empathy we have towards one another. I definitely recommend this location as a working environment.
A great work place. All staff/employee in every department provides excellent care and professionalism to all patients and family
Nice place to work. Beautiful campus. Management can be hard to deal with due to lots of company politics.
Friendly work environment, I feel appreciated as an employee. Fast paced and rewarding. Parking can be an issue for entry level employees. Hours and schedule are not always predictable.
The floor I work on is great. Everyone from the nurse aides to the director of the floor! I always enjoy going to work and being at work. Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about others. If I weren’t moving away, this would be the first place I would look for a job once finishing up my nursing degree.
I moved to California for this position and my family loves being here! The Career has taken me some time to get used to but it is fun working with my co workers. I like the learning and growing, they do encourage it here.
At Stanford you are given support to do your job. I would like to see us move into the new building since space is an issue at this very busy hospital.
Wonderful place to work with extremely supportive providers. Stanford really cares about patients and has one of the highest standards for patient care that I've ever seen.
I give Stanford Healthcare a 5 star rating because having the opportunity to work here has been such a great experience. The benefits starting as a new employee are great and they provide you with the appropriate training before being able to work on your own. There are opportunities for growth within the company and always reward you with gift cards for your hard work and performance. My manager in my department was great and was always willing to listen if you ever had any ideas to continue to improve the workplace. We would gather for morning huddles to keep up to date with new policies and address any issues or concerns patients had with the new system.
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