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2001 W 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46260
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I would like to see the overall organization of the management team change. Specifically, the number of supervisors. I think the pharmacy would run a lot smoother if there was just 1 pharmacy technician supervisor and 3 lead technicians that would monitor and train new technicians. I would like to see a smoother scheduling process. One supervisor that drafts the schedule and another that proofs and relays it to the entire pharmacy, instead of putting the burden on 1 person who usually has a tremendous amount of other work to do. I would like to see better communication (short 15 meetings bi-weekly) amongst technicians and their supervisor.
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I love the legal aspect of my job. It requires me to prepare invoices, affidavits and CDs for various law firms. The benefits of the company are great. The pay and PTO schedule could be better. HR could actually take action about issues that really need to be addressed.
I like St. Vincent because they are a teaching hospital. There is always room for growth with encouragement. Everybody works as a team in a family-like environment.