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730 West Market Street
Lima, OH 45801
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I would strongly recommend working for St. Rita’s Medical Center. The staff is friendly and hardworking. The doctors are kind, compassionate, and hardworking. The communication between coworkers and myself is fantastic, and everyone is extremely professional with each other and our patients. The benefits are good, and we get 24/7 access to a gym at the hospital, and a personal trainer. I love going to work in the mornings, and by working with this company I know that this is what I was meant to do. I want to further my education by getting my RN,BSN, and then I want to become a Physician Assistant. I will hopefully be able to stay with this company and transfer jobs with them as I achieve my career goals.
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The nursing staff was not always supported by administration. There was not much support to try new and improved methods to patient care. I felt very disappointed and discouraged on multiple occasions when I brought up new concepts and ideas that were supported by research-based nursing practice in other facilities. Frequently, nursing care was provided with the idea, "We've always done it this way," rather than doing what was best for the patients and families.
What I like most about St. Rita's is there is always a way to go up the ladder for growth within your job. There are many different departments to work in. The management team is excellent and they are easy to talk to. everyone in the hospital wants you to succeed in any way you can. Everyone works together within the hospital so no one is left behind or left out. The compensation for the work you do averages well together. You get paid for what you do exactly. No one is underpaid and no one is overpaid for their job. I also like that it is fairly easy to balance your job with your outside life. I have a child so I know what it is like to not want to miss any events with her. This job allows you to switch days and/or hours with another worker to accommodate those needs.