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St Luke's Regional Medical Center Reviews

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St. Luke's is a welcoming hospital system. I've been employed with Air St. Luke's and have been able to grow my skills as an EMT for over 3 years. Continuing education is always available and encouraged. Tuition reimbursement is also offered to further expand your career.
I love working for St. Luke's because I am a part of the Rehab department. I feel like my leadership cares about as a person and not just a number but also that they support my decisions. As whole working for St. Luke's I feel that I get lost as an employee because they are becoming the largest corporation to work for but my leadership does do a great deal in making me feel valued and treating me fair. The care that my friends and family have received from St. Luke's is by far the best medical care that I have seen or heard given. St. Luke's staff members are kind when they speak to you, are attentive to my needs but also are not afraid to advocate for what is right as well.
Working at St. Luke's as a social worker is a great job! The staff is amazing, furthering your education is supported. Decent pay and benefits. Best part of working here is the staff.
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A lot of opportunities to advance in the system. Good wages and competitive benefits. Company tries hard to embrace technology and advances in healthcare. Recognizes work-life balance is important and strives to promote healthy lifestyles.
I have been working for this hospital almost 2 years and I really like it, good environment and people who I work with are very nice and helpful. Good benefits for staffs.
I was hired with the opening of a new hospital. The staff were recruited from all over, not just from with in the St Luke's system. The idea was to create a new hospital with out an existing hierarchy or pecking order. This created an incredibly cohesive team and work place. Compared to most other hospital environments I have worked in, this one is very up beat and positive. We are still less than a year old, so naturally there are some bumps and bruises, but but those are to be expected. The management is very open and asks for input from the staff continually on how to run things more efficiently and solve each problem that arrises.
I would like to see them revise their attendance policy. It’s very old school! Part time should get the same benefits as full time in regards to sick time and time allowed off. Overall great company to work for. Staff is nice.
I enjoy working for this company. The pay is way below national average, but that is also pretty standard in our state. They are family friendly and help out wil leave due to family needs. All of the management I have had have been very caring, encouraging,and understanding
St. Lukes is a health system that cares for not only their patients, but their employees as well. Their benefits are great, and they often hire from within. Working your way 'up' in this hospital is very possible. It's a great place to work, especially for those wanting to make careers out of their jobs.
Great for balance, great advantages and opportunities to gain experience in different areas of healthcare.
I am one of few people, without a degree that get to say they love where they work. I have great co-workers who encouraged me to go back to school and helped me have a successful semester last semester. I never knew what I wanted to do until working here and finding that therapy is what I an passionate about. The 1st semester I attempted to go to college I had no idea what I wanted to do. Ultimately resulting in not going to classes and not taking college serious the first time around. I took off 3 full years off before finally deciding to try again and really give it my all. Last semester I did well, I decided to not go full time and to start small. Without getting to work for St. Luke's I dont think I would have ever found a career I can see myself doing forever. They have made it possible for me to go to school and still work for them. This company truly believes in growth for their employees.
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