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190 East Bannock Street
Boise, ID 83712
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Working at St. Luke's as a social worker is a great job! The staff is amazing, furthering your education is supported. Decent pay and benefits. Best part of working here is the staff.
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I love working for St. Luke's because I am a part of the Rehab department. I feel like my leadership cares about as a person and not just a number but also that they support my decisions. As whole working for St. Luke's I feel that I get lost as an employee because they are becoming the largest corporation to work for but my leadership does do a great deal in making me feel valued and treating me fair. The care that my friends and family have received from St. Luke's is by far the best medical care that I have seen or heard given. St. Luke's staff members are kind when they speak to you, are attentive to my needs but also are not afraid to advocate for what is right as well.
I was hired with the opening of a new hospital. The staff were recruited from all over, not just from with in the St Luke's system. The idea was to create a new hospital with out an existing hierarchy or pecking order. This created an incredibly cohesive team and work place. Compared to most other hospital environments I have worked in, this one is very up beat and positive. We are still less than a year old, so naturally there are some bumps and bruises, but but those are to be expected. The management is very open and asks for input from the staff continually on how to run things more efficiently and solve each problem that arrises.