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800 E Carpenter St
Springfield, IL 62769
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2 reviews
I love my job. Night shift is hard for work-home life balance but the job is rewarding. At least I get 4 nights off per week and can stack shifts together to get more days off at home. The location is central and close to my home, making travel easy. Our flight team is amazing and help save the tiniest patients, kids, adults, etc. The nurses are friendly and I love my unit. The teamwork is amazing. Management is great and really cares about the employees. HR started a new loan repayments program where we are given $100 per month towards our loans. I think this is great and will help me to pay off my loans faster.
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I like the ability to self-schedule, education and encouragement for higher learning . They are very involved in the community and offer excellent care for patients and have a superior women and children's center. A lot of employees are able to experience many areas of the hospital to find the perfect fit for them. They offer tuition reimbursement and job shadowing to help people find the career they have a passion for.