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1923 South Utica Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74104
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I worked for SJMC years ago. When I moved back to town, SJMC was the only place I wanted to work. Yes, it has its issues. Some floors and units are probably worse than others. But having worked at many different facilities over the years, I know that the grass is not greener. SJMC tries hard to orient you, provide you with the resources you need to succeed, give you mentorship, and help you find the position that will benefit you and the facility.
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I have worked at St. John Medical Center for three years. I've been through many ups, downs, plateaus and changes with this company. St. John, now managed by Ascension, has room to grow as part of the largest Catholic health network. However, the transition from a very personal place to work, some of what made this hospital great has been lost in big scale health care. The individuals I work with are top notch, however there is a large disconnect between administration from the top to the care of the patient at the bedside.
I would like to see more accountability on every single person end. So many employees are leaving due to the staff load, the work load has doubled and we are so limited on staff. We are exhausted after taking on extra shifts without being compensated for the labor.