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919 E 32nd St
Austin, TX 78705
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I was lucky to have many great co-workers which made my job enjoyable. I felt valued by patients and cared for by staff. Management was not straight forward at time and could have been better. As a continuing student, St. David's helped pay up to $5,500 per year for classes which was beneficial.
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I actually work at another St. David's location, Heart Hospital of Austin, but it is not listed here. Heart Hospital is a small, specialized heart hospital in downtown Austin, one of the top specialty heart hospitals in the world. I am a college student working as a PRN Anesthesia Technician, and I couldn't be happier, aside from waking up early. It pays great and everyone is friendly.
I love working here. I feel like I am valued both by coworkers and patients and that my work positively contributes to the quality of life of everyone around me. I am barely making bills, but I am in an entry-level position and St. David's pays my position higher than other clinics I have applied to. The benefits are pretty rough, though.