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235 State Street
Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024
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St Croix Regional Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
I really enjoy working at St. Croix Regional Medical Center, all of my coworkers are fun to work with and helpful. Management is very supportive and encouraging to staff that are advancing their education. They are always willing to adjust the schedule to ensure that education comes first. Something that I would like changed is the communication between the Emergency Department and Med/Surg when admitting at patient. Many times when I am working as the health unit coordinator I am not aware that there is a patient being admitted and whether or not the patient will be inpatient or observation.
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This is truly a family friendly company. The nursing staff all works well together, and we take care of eachother. The hours are great, and they are very flexible with my schedule during college and with my military obligations.
I really like the environment at SCRMC. People are generally very nice and down to earth. I think the compensation is fair but could still improve to compete with surrounding hospitals.