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3635 Vista Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63110
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It is a very student friendly hospital. They do their best to schedule my work to accommodate my school schedule. I have asked on numerous occasions for more training and responsibilities and they have complied. My chances for advancement seem to be good and the pay gets better as I progress further in school. Also, my chances at obtaining a full time job after I graduate are fairly good. The patient care here seems to be more on the progressive side and in line with the most up to date practices. I would recommend working here to local college students due to the flexible scheduling and good pay.
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I love working in this hospital. Working here, I can obtain the skills to go anywhere! The company is great to work for and has awesome perks. I have worked in healthcare for years and have found a place I can dedicated many more years to!
This is an inner city hospital with limiyed resources. While the hospital tries their best, staff retention is an issur and they uses travel nurses to fill the staffing gap. Upside, they're the only hospital in the area that has nursing and support staff union.