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My experience working for SSM is that this place is more then just a job, it’s a second home. I love my job and the people I work with. Working with SSM we are not just employees, we are family!
my over all experience here at DePaul is unbelievable because its everything I desired a hospital to be. I'm able to minister to my patients in ways religion is forced but my patients be in better moods
my experience here at DePaul is wonderful. I've always wanted to work in a hospital and working here every staff that's been here more than one year in nice well to work with. No one brings their problems to work no matter what goes in their personal life nobody show the pain or weary that they're going through or feel at that moment. nurses and other staff member of SSM Health still put patients first and team members first and put themselves last during the shift to show that we as staff use our mission no matter . I've worked under doctors that I never expect to work under and with that experience it makes me more motivated to go back to school for nursing and further my career in nursing.
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At DePaul Hospital, there's this new clinical trial for patients who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The Behavioral Health clinic is providing free long acting injectables to patients who cannot afford to pay for their medications, and patients are not able to wait 120 to 180 days until their next psychiatrist appointment. This clinic is extremely beneficial to our community because unlike the oral medications the injectable, which is dispensed as 1 dose for 30 days, is a slow releasing agent that leads to a significant decrease in the side effects- especially the most worrisome one, sedation. There are hundreds of reasons of why a patient would stop taking their medication: they begin to feel better, they believe they were misdiagnosed, and affordability. But at DePaul, our patients don't have to worry about that anymore.
I love my Job here at Depaul. I have never worked in such a great environment like I have experienced here. I believe that this is a great place to work at and there is opportunity to advance your career here. I had moved from Kentucky and my first job here was at a nursing home and that wasn't a good fit for me. Coming from the country to city life was a big adjustment for me and I got discourage that I would not find the a good work environment, until I found SSM Health!
I applied for multiple positions before even getting a phone interview. Once I finally got 2 phone interviews I never heard back about moving forward to a face to face or if they were even interested. I was told I would hear from the hiring manager. About 2 months went by after applying for roughly 23 positions in total I finally got a call for a face to face and was offered a job. I think the screening process should be re-vamped.
I feel that my supervisor needs to work in her critical thinking skills. She shows often favoritism and does not seems to follow policy. She seems to not be able to see an employee potential and that always lead to a problem in the workplace.
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