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1103 Rivery Blvd Building 1 Suite 150
Georgetown, TX 78628
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This job has taught me so much patience. To be kind to all walks of life. I have shook the hands of many men, from all over doing what I do. The company has given me a platform to meet all kinds of people, grow relationships, and grow my men's cutting skills. I love working with the women at Sportclips. I have worked with women from all kinds of ages, some as young as 18, some close to retirement. The company itself, I'm not so fond of. They definitely treat you like a number, and not a stylist, even when you are a good one. They remind you that you are replaceable, but beg for your work when other stylist leave. I love the idea of the company, sports oriented, sports on tv, etc. I love it. Not the best people running it, and there's no incentives, benefits, bonuses. Only paid vacation, which is a minimal pay check.
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The concept of the salon is great! The manager is poorly trained and very inexperienced. The break room is nonexistent as well as the office. The shop lacks professionalism big time. There is no transparency with the management nor the owner which is never around to talk to. Things need to be re-evaluated at this location and fast.
I have recently started working at the Sport Clips in Northville. In the past year we have turned over to a new owner and things could not have gotten better! My team is amazing and we all get along so well! I enjoy going in to work everyday and enjoy seeing my building clientele!