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South Georgia Medical Center Reviews

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The employees are very nice. We work very well as a team. Our goal is to efficiently care for a patient and make sure the care is patient centered.
South Georgia Medical Center was a great place to work and gain experience. One negative aspect is that compensation seems below industry standards which is a bit frustrating. Regardless, SGMC works extremely hard to meet their patients’ needs and provide quality healthcare.
I love the staff that I work with. They are very understanding and are willing to educate you with any questions that you may have for them
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As a safety sitter, it is a good place to work and observe. I've learned a lot while sitting with different patients and listening to different doctors/nurses. I've also learned new skills while helping assist patients. It's a good learning experience and helps determine whether you would want to take part in Medical field.
The staff was incredibly friendly. Every member of the team felt as if they were as important as another, whether you are a tech or a doctor. Staff create a humbling environment to work in and are always willing to assist if you need help. Never had any issues asking questions.
The largest downfall of SGMC is that the hospital itself has a lot of potential to be an extraordinary hospital, but they settle for less. The equipment is often old and must be shared with numerous departments. This hospital has a lot of potential but seems as if they were unwilling to make the effort to make their potential shine and be the best that they can be.
Lack of leadership has compromised this institution. Ideas are heard but things are not executed well. A new CEO seems to be promising but there’s a lot of work to make it excel. My coworkers are amazing and we work well as a team even with frequent director turnovers and lack of stability.
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