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I enjoy the free food here and that I can request that my hours are changed to how I like it. The location is good so the store is mostly busy.
Overall, Sonic Drive-In is a great place to eat. Sometimes it can be expensive, but staff members are always ready to help when needed. They are also willing to fix any mistakes that they can. Food is usually fresh and there is speedy service. Sometimes it is hard to hear when ordering, but orders are always clarified when possible. The food is tasty and has lots of flavor. Facilities, as well as the store itself are kept clean and orderly. However, I would change food portions. Sometimes I think we pay to much for the amount of food we receive.
IT was a great first job, although after working there almost two years and learning all i could i was never able to get promoted!
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The company isn’t bad you just have to be careful as to which one you work at. I’ve been to many Sonics and they range from awful
I really enjoyed Sonic, i caught on quick. It is a great experience for a first job , and there are many things you can do their.
The crew members are fun to be around and the manager is very understanding. It's a wonderful work environment for teens and adults alike. The hours are good and the pay system is wonderful.
Great first job, real eye opener. I worked here when I was 15 till I was 17. The money was ok for the age but not recommended for older demographic. Easy but fast pace adds a challenge.
Decent first job, but not really anywhere to grow or challenge yourself. It's nice making tips, but if it is a slow day, you don't even make minimum wage that day.The coworkers are fun, but also young and immature as expected. Management is decent and amicable. Flexible hours, and am given most days that I need off which is a plus.
Working at Sonic is pretty run of the mill for a fast food job. I was able to work nights which is great if you're a student
Working at Sonic has been a great experience. The managers are very involved and knowledgeable about every aspect of Sonic, and are there to help when they can. Sonic is very laid back, and is an excellent choice for a starting job. If you work night shift, you will be getting off of work very late due to cleaning, but you will be getting more hours, especially if you are a cook. The people at the Sonic I work at are very cool, and everyone is friendly. Sonic is a great place to work.
While working here my availability was not taken into consideration, food was odd conditions, and when someone was making a milkshake... it got on their hand and they scooped it back into the cup to serve to the customer. ...
Sonic took good care of me! I put in hard hours and they made sure it was worth my while! I learned so much, gained managerial experience, made some awesome friends, and have a great reference now!
I would have liked a little bit less tension between managers. Our GM could hold a heck of a grudge!
Otherwise, my boss was an outstanding guy. He still is, I'm sure! We all made it fun for our crew and our customers!
I love working for this company. They strive to ensure that all employees’ needs are met in all areas of their lives. The longevity of this company is amazing, as well as promotion opportunities. Best of all, this company’s partnership with Dr. Pepper allows 12 teams from across the nation to compete in the annual Dr. Pepper Games in a quest to find America’s best drive in.
The only thing I would change is making sure all those who dine with us to tip their carhops as a sign of appreciation for the work they put in.
I loved how I felt that I was an integral part of work when I had the opportunity to work here. The hours were flexible and the managers were able to work around my school schedule. Since I had this job during high school, it allowed me to have more of a sense of responsibility. The pay was not the best; however, you were able to make tips if you were the carhop delivering food to customers. When I worked at Sonic Drive-In, I was moved around from different stations which allowed me to become more comfortable in my work environment. I loved working with my co-workers to serve the people in my community.
I like that the hours work really well with taking classes online. I feel like it is a better fit for younger students, but it is convenient for now.
There is constant understaffing and not much consistency between locations due to the wide allowance gm's/partners have to change things.
I used to be a Sonic employee as a Carhop. I got paid $3.25/hr, which is nothing, and did the managers job most of the time. So not only was I being underpaid but I was also doing a job that should've been giving me $10/hr.
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It was a great experience working at Sonic. The hours were flexible and the atmosphere positive. I would like the overall uniform to change. It was uncomfortable, and showed wear and tear to easily, it quickly looked shabby and unprofessional.
Worked at the Sonic Drive-In franchise in Newton, KS. The management never prioritized food safety training until auditing season. The owners would also try to erase hours of new employees so they wouldn't have to pay them as much money.
The pay rate at the Sonic I work in leaves much to be desired. The work environment is stressful, and it feels like individual employees do much more work than they are compensated for.
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