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444 S River Rd
St George, UT 84790
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Skywest Airlines is one of the most successful, employee friendly, regionals out there. They continue to earn business away from competing regionals year after year. Our routes are spectacular and the flying privilages are unmatched by any other!
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Being able to travel the world and work in a rewarding airline profession. I would like to see a more consistent management/supervisor qualification based hiring but that is heavily station dependent . All-around awesome company to work for!
I loved working at this company. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. On holidays say like Christmas typically a pilots family would invite the flight crew over for dinner so they are not alone on the holiday. Or a crew would all go out together and eat dinner. Management at the base that I was at was professional and polite. I only had a problem with crew support having different answers than others, and no base in Indianapolis so I commuted.