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Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Reviews

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Yikes. The nurses and people I work with are great, but management is terrible and other floor's nurses are straight up scary. I wouldn't recommend here to a patient or a nurse!
Sinai is a good place the work. Employees are wonder, but some issue with leadership. At the hospital is it a lot of hard work, however it is worth it, especially when you see so many success stories. There are man opportunities that can be taken advantage, yet many people stay in the same positions for years. There is a lot to be learned in the hospital and many changes happening as we speak. Sometimes there are difficult days and some patients are challenging but most teams work together and at the end of the day we all get though and more on to the next case. Sinai is a good start to many careers and a wonderful place to retire. They have excellent benefits for there employees and many benefit that connects employees to other institutions.
Sinai is a very diverse place with great, passionate, open, dynamic, people focused president. Love people, ideas, adoption of innovation, investment in bioincubator.
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I love my job at this hospital. They try really hard to care about the employee. I do wish they offered more shifts or position that would fit my schedule better such as four ten hour shifts or three twelve hour shifts.
I love developing new idea for our food restaurant that we have. Picking out different meals that guest and patience can choose from is very important to me.
I enjoy what I do but there are times that I wish I were challenged more and afforded more opportunities for advancement
Its been very good experience her in the hospital with staff and nursing up to the doctors and its a pleasant feeling knowing people in your work place have a caring attitude for patients coming in and out those doors. I love to see smiles on the patients faces when i help them and brighten there day.
Life Bridge is a very nice place to work with lots of different benefits and opportunities. Thanks to my work, I understood what my next major will be. Friendly and peaceful environment. Lots of perks for employees.
I have been working here now for almost 6 months over night and so far everything is pretty good . I have no issues with my schedule (or pay) , benefits package is reasonable. The only downside is I haven't received my work uniform yet and I was supposed to receive that after my 90 day probationary period.
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