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5000 Riverside Drive
Keasbey, NJ 08832
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I was an employee for ShopRite for nearly three years. Over these nearly three years, I became very knowledgeable of the store's layout, policies, pricing, and customer service. I believe that most customers considered me to be very friendly, helpful and courteous and I enjoyed going above and beyond to make a customer happy. However, management still treated me like I didn't know how to do my job, as though I didn't do a good job every day, and did not appreciate the work I did. This, obviously, discouraged me from working my hardest every single day, as my entire life I thought that if I did a good job I would be appreciated and valued in a work place. I wasn't the only worker here that felt like this, and I constantly witnessed managers under-appreciate and flat-out disrespect long-time employees. Don't work here if you want your employer to value the work you do.
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This ShopRite is family owned and it is their only ShopRite store. It is also the only Hispanic-family owned ShopRite. I often have a fun time while at work, as co-workers and customers alike are typically friendly and caring individuals. I feel very secure in my position. I love to encourage my co-workers, especially those younger than me. Minors are often hired to be work a bagging position or as a cashier. I offer them both academic and personal advice to help them achieve happiness and success.
It's a good supermarket to work at compared to others. I feel like usually working in customer service sucks, but I feel that it' much better at Shoprite than at other places. My pay is increasing I've gotten a few little pay raises and payed time off and I haven't even worked a year here yet. All my coworkers get along and are friendly, and management is nice and listen to us. If you need to work at a grocery store I recommend Shoprite. Also, it's unionize too which is very nice.