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I have been a Shipt shopper for almost four years. I have never been so taken with a job. The Shipt culture is inviting and pleasant. My peer shoppers are so helpful and positive, and the members of Shipt are always so appreciative of receiving their groceries. I have cultivated so many wonderful friendships with so many different people. It's a very rewarding enterprise. It is a 1099 position, so there are no benefits and a shopper must save some of there pay for taxes. The freedom of making my own schedule and not having to ask anyone for time off is priceless.
The actual process of the job is really fun. It's like I'm on a scavenger hunt everyday. I can't speak highly enough about this company.
I have never been a fan of working. I am so lucky I was introduced to Shipt. Flexible hours, easy work, and friendly community! Highly recommend.
Having a newborn at home is challenging if you don't have a job with flexible hours but this job provides that freedom. Also, I get to interact with new people everyday. I love this job and would recommend it to college students or people who need to make extra cash!
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The hours are flexible but availability of orders from day to day are unpredictable. Pay is okay, especially if customers tip. It does put some wear and tear on your car.
The company is very helpful throughout the application process and the initial orientation. They send multiple emails with instructions and/or people to talk to if you're confused. I also heard back from Shipt only 2 days after applying and received my T-Shirt and credit card only a few days later. The only thing I didn't like was that I had to record myself answering some of the interview questions.
Shipt is amazing. You can make your own hours and schedule, and add yourself to the schedule at last minutes too. They offer promo orders even if you're not on the schedule. Payday is every Friday, and you can work as little or as much as you need to. I HIGHLY suggest using Shipt!
I love working for Shipt! If you're anything like me, you don't like to be tied down to a set schedule and Shipt provides me with the opportunity to set my own schedule! I love the flexibility of my job. It also pays well. I can easily make at less 10-15 dollars per order. I have also occasionally made 20-30 dollars per order. I like the fact you get paid weekly. The app is easy to use and user-friendly. Shipt customers are extremely thankful for your service and tips well. My only complaints are that I wish they provide collapsable wagons, do not over hire in an area, and regular all orders to be at less minimum wage without tips.
The great thing about Shipt is that you can essentially work as much and make as much as you want! Most customers are very nice, but there are a few people who can make the job a little off-putting. I wish there was something in place in which there's a 2-way rating system to rate the customers too. Some people have odd little quirks or poor communication that only reflects you, and not them. But, again, these instances are rare and most of the customers and fellow Shoppers are understanding and supportive. :)
Flexible schedule and awesome members. Get paid weekly. Downside is wear and tear on vehicle and 1099
I like the flexibility that is offered, and the fact it counts as self employment. Although that means you have to purchase your own retirement and health coverage. It also means you usually owe taxes or have your taxes equal out at the end of the year.
Shipt allows their employees to work on their own schedule, as well as offer free Shipt services to their employees as an act of appreciation!
I love the concept of getting to create your work schedule; I love the concept of getting 100% of your tips. I have come across many people who do not leave tips, whether it be members or non-members. Sometimes the time put in to shop and deliver the groceries is not adequate to the pay, other times it makes out pretty well. Overall, brilliant solution for individuals who despise grocery shopping as well as individuals who need some income and don't mind the shopping!
I really enjoy how I can make my own schedule. As a full time student and a father of two it gives me the ability to make a little extra money without being to overworked. Shipt is an amazing company to work for.
I love the flexibility that shipt has allowed me to have, it has opened many doors for me. As well as allowed me to stay home with my son during the day and work at night. All while balancing home and school life.
Self employed using Shipt app. Not the best directions as to the necessities for shopping like cooler bags. You can make your own hours, but sometimes the driving makes your average pay decline.
If you love helping people, interacting with others and like making a difference in the lives of others then this is the perfect job. You set your own hours, and literally get paid to shop.
I enjoy the interaction with the community and the flexibility with my work schedule. Working for shipt gives the opportunity to balance my work schedule, school schedule and mommy schedule!
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I believe there are a lot of things that could be worked upon, but one of the things that I love is the customer support, and also the customer service we give to our customers. !
HQ is super helpful! It is awesome to work for myself and make my own schedule. I really wish that other Shipt Shoppers were nicer to each other in the facebook groups. Other than that I think it is a great place to work!
I really enjoy the flexibility Shipt offers its employees especially, when you are a student or stay at home mom. Having the opportunity to work for myself and make my own hours is wonderful. Something I would like to see changed is the fact we are not able rate the customer. I know uber does that and I feel that would be helpful. Potentially another helpful thing could be that the view of the customer and shopper be very similar. Many clients have complained of the confusion on the site with ordering.
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