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The hours are flexible, but it's a dying company that has no way to show it appreciates its own workers. No benefits for part time employees and almost no spots for full-time to even earn benefits
Sears has been a stable source of income, and has allowed me to grow in developers an individual. The manager here all put work into employees and encourage them to do better. I enjoy coming to work everyday, and while starting pay starts low, promotions and perks create the opportunity for much more income.
The environment of the job, for the most part, was incredibly dull when I began. I started as a cashier, though, a career that doesn't require much work. However, customer service can drain anyone after a while, so I switched to sales a couple of years in. It was a wise decision on my part; I earned more money, the job was more engaging, and I didn't have to stay standing in one spot for eight hours.

The management, too, improved over time. I've had good bosses and bad bosses, but for the most part, the environment at Sears was welcoming, and everyone was always reasonably friendly. It was my first job during college, and I don't think I could have stared off anywhere better.
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Sears had a great environment and was always a positive place to be! I worked there for about 8 months until they closed in Titusville, Florida and loved working with all of my coworkers. This store taught me about customer service and how important it was to put the customers first.
Not a very good experience when I worked at Sears. Pay is very poor, but employees are expected to work hard, long hours, and sometimes I worked 40 hours a week when I was part-time.
Good compensation but very low growth opportunities due to changes in management. Everyone is anxious whenever someone from the corporate headquarters announces their visit to the store. They implement changes which frustrates the managers to no ends. Their anger spills over to their associates thus leading to an overall bad mood. People may be hired to do one thing but are expected to work any position as needed. For example, a cashier will also play a role in cleaning up the sales floor. They also try to schedule as little workers as possible. The number of hours provided by corporate staff is not ideal.
Great job environment that treats all their employees as a team member and puts them in every position to succeed
The company overall is very caring of their employees, despite recent cutbacks they are doing the best they can keeping the doors open and keeping jobs around.
Every year corporate would lower commissions without raising base-pay. You have to live up to the sales metrics, but also the metrics aren't ever tracked correctly and make your performance look bad. As a sales associate, you lose commissions for issues caused by delivery. The delivery company is third-party and doesn't care about you or your commissions. Corporate will blame you for having high return and cancellation rates when anyone who has worked in one of the sales departments knows that 95% of the issues are a result of delivery ineptitude. It was a decent part-time job at first, but with commission cuts and my moving to a store in a less profitable location, I couldn't pay the bills anymore and got out when I could.
Little room for growth because fewer and fewer jobs to fill. Low wages for typical retail schedule of holiday and now horrible holiday pay.
The company is a godawful place to work. Management sucks, the store is running into the ground, and overall, it just sucks. However, I made a few friends there, and saved up enough to pay for some of my college education. It was worth it, but I would never do it again.
I liked working in an office environment. I dislike the stress and eight years without a raise. I was a top employee, won award, but never a raise.
This was an awesome first job for me many years ago. Unfortunately, due to job eliminations, store closings, and losing business to online, everything has become a profit focused game in which associates and customers aren’t really cared for.
I like challenges no matter how hard it is, I will take it. If I do not take any hard challenges I will not go further in my career.
Great staff and managers. They push you to succeed and set you up for success. They're very flexible with school hours.
Ive been employed at sears for 4 years now and a lot has changed from when i first started. Something i like about this company is they're very lenient when it comes to attendance. something that id like to change is maybe the way they coach their employees. i worked at a call center that troubleshot customers appliances. product training would be awesome. their compensation program could definitely need some changes.
Sears as you know is a struggling company. This job is flexible with hours but sometimes management cant suck. Takes time for them to answer our pages but when it comes to a customer the managers do a fantastic job to try and solve the situation.
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After only a few months as an associate, I was promoted to an Asset Protection Manager. I've been promoted to a multi-store manager and now at the highest volume store in the state. I work 50 hours a week. Company organization and efficiency is terrible.
I liked working with my coworkers but the upper management only cared about getting credit and overworking all employees.
I've been at Sears for a year and three months. Being at sears has opened me up to new people, involvement with foundations and fundraisers. I like that working for sears opens up experiences that I have been trying to obtain and grow from. I also like that I can be myself, sears accepts people with tattoos, piercings, blue and purple hair. It’s inspiring to be in a place full of diverse and original people! Sears has also made me grow as a person. I can say that I was jagged and now I am more open to communication and feedback. They have molded me for success sears want you to be above all that and continue to grow; whereas many other places just let you stay in the same aspect. What I would like to change would be the customer service we provide to our customers. Obviously we can’t help everyone with this but, starting with the little things matter. Sears is a great company but built on customer service makes us and sometimes that aspect gets diluted.
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