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Find a Great Place to Work in the Boston Area

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  1. The TJX Companies



    220 Niche users give it an average review of 4.1 stars.

    Featured Review: Entry Level Employee says fun work environment!There are lots of benefits to this job including company provided meals, PTO, schedule flexibility, which is perfect for students.The job itself is very enjoyable, especially if you love window shopping. We stock new merchandise so you get to see everything. There is lots of room to move up in the company including promotions.The only thing I would have say needs improvement is the pay, it is on the lower end for the workload you are given. It's honestly not a sustainable living wage, especially if you have a family to....

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    Industry: Clothing, Fashion & Textiles, Consumer Products, Retail,

    Employees: 10,000+,

  2. Staples



    128 Niche users give it an average review of 3.9 stars.

    Featured Review: Entry Level Employee says Staples is very flexible with hours. A majority of the workers in which work at Staples are college students. As an employee, we are constantly tasked to be accountable and independent while also...At Staples, the pay is modest, the minimum wage. That is really the only downside. In addition, we are given a lot of independence and this can be challenging at times to hold oneself accountable in...In conclusion, Staples is greatly tailored for college students looking for a part-time job to help pay for books and tuition. The work environment is great and offers lots of accountability..

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    Industry: Retail,

    Employees: 10,000+,

  3. Stop & Shop

    1385 HANCOCK ST.,


    67 Niche users give it an average review of 3.7 stars.

    Featured Review: Entry Level Employee says What a great first job this is, whether it is really learning what it is like to have a job or feeling like you are apart of something when you get to work everyday is something that is very....

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    Industry: Food & Beverage,

    Employees: 1,000-9,999,

  4. Boston Medical Center



    11 Niche users give it an average review of 4.3 stars.

    Featured Review: Experienced Employee says Its a great place to work everyone is very friendly, happy and helpful all the time. They give us great gifts all the time, the hours are flexible and they love the employees to take advantage of....

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    Industry: Health Care,

  5. Dunkin' Donuts



    172 Niche users give it an average review of 3.8 stars.

    Featured Review: Senior Employee says My experience as a Dunkin Donut's employee started in 2017. I worked at Dunkin for almost 4 years. I loved the fact that I worked in an industry that created "regulars". I formed many bonds with... The only thing I would want to change about the company is that they take away some products (I know they're LTO's ) that are too good to not keep on the menu year round! I would highly recommend....

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    Industry: Food & Beverage,

  6. Thermo Fisher Scientific



    19 Niche users give it an average review of 4.4 stars.

    Featured Review: Experienced Employee says While there is always room for improvement in any company, this one has been by far the best place I have ever worked for. I have kept that opinion since I started (I am now a 'seasoned' employee). Yes, there are politics, and cultures within departments/teams that don't fit the utopian (a situation you'll find in every workplace) environment. However, the people, goals, and daily tasks have...The biggest issue with the company though is that it is so large, the little teams/departments are very often left out of consideration for the benefits offered to the (culturally) more meaningful....

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    Industry: Manufacturing,

  7. General Electric



    27 Niche users give it an average review of 4 stars.

    Featured Review: Entry Level Employee says Great company to work for with a very inclusive culture. Hard work is recognised and rewarded. The leadership programs are the most renowned in the industry and the company brand name and legacy is...The compensation structure is one of best in the industry with competitive benefits being offered. Being a conglomerate serving multiple industries like Healthcare, Power, Aviation, Renewables and....

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    Industry: Consumer Products, Electronics,

    Employees: 10,000+,

  8. Milford Regional Medical Center



    7 Niche users give it an average review of 4.3 stars.

    Featured Review: Intern / Student Worker says I have worked as a SNA for a few years at MRMC. It is a wonder hospital facility; the nurses are well-educated and compassionate for their care of patients. It is very team-oriented; everyone is...As an aide, we are always short staffed. When being floated to work other floors, the staffing isn't usually so welcoming or helpful with questions. This is frustrating especially when working with....

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    Industry: Health Care,

  9. HomeGoods



    50 Niche users give it an average review of 3.5 stars.

    Featured Review: Entry Level Employee says I would say that I have enjoyed my time working at HomeGoods, as I am writing this, I have been working there part-time over a month. The managers are straightforward to talk to and work with the....

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    Industry: Retail,

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