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About Sea Mar Community Health Center...
1040 S. Henderson St.
Seattle, WA 98108

About Sea Mar Community Health Center

Health Care
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Sea Mar Community Health Center Reviews

3 reviews
Sea Mar is a great company to work for! Everyone that I have come into contact with has been friendly and supportive so far. It is easy to talk with your own supervisors as well as other supervisors in other departments. In the specific branch that I work in I am able to connect with not only my coworkers but also my supervisor and even the VP. I feel that they truly care about the welfare of the staff. Sea Mar also offers in how scholarships for not only their staff but the staffs family. Benefits are paid for and pay is competitive. It feels like the bosses actually care for their workers by supporting them to continue their education and growth within the company. I highly suggest Sea Mar as a place of employment. working here has allowed me to grow and get the experience needed to strive for more.
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Everyone is very friendly and whenever you need help you can ask and there would always be someone that will help you out. The workplace is multicultural, you get to interact with people from different cultures like latin, asian, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi and other cultures as well. The providers are all friendly and always trying to help in any way possible for patient that do not have access to insurance and are in need of assistance.
Great work environment. I really enjoy the schedule and benefits. All of the supervisors are always willing to help if you have a question or concern.