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Working for Savers was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed my coworkers and managers; the work load was sometimes a lot but it was still a fun and enjoyable workplace. I made lifelong friends here at Savers. Customers were fun and easy to talk to. Best place I've worked at hands down.
Working at Savers (Value Village) has been fun! I get to experience the work life and grow as a character who knows about retail.
It has a lot of down time so it could be good if you don't mind it, but come prepared with something extra to do. Also, you rarely talk to other people so some people might not like that. However, for me its great. I don't mind the long hours alone, because it a great opportunity for a side hustle. the only requirement is you stay on site, so if you can find a job you could do online or not on site, you could effectively be getting payed twice. For example, I a social media manger for another company and I could do that for my job at Saver.
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I like working at Savers for the regular customers and friendly people. I would like for management to stick up for the employees more and for employees to get rewarded better. I think it sucks that you get a gift card to spend at your workplace instead of anywhere when you win employee of the month.
Clean store, friendly employees, room for advancment, management is caring all questions are answered, convienent locations, gently used items for men, woman, and children, reasonable prices.
Coworkers are very social and friendly. Communication, especially among management, is poor. Management expect maximum effort for little compensation. Hours are sometimes cut.
Great place to work and stuff, like Idon't want to stay there forever but like as a job job it's really good.
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