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890 Oak Street, SE
Salem, OR 97301
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My experience working at the Salem Health Hospital is wonderful! My manager is very comprehensive when involving my school schedule. Employees are great and encouraging when involving my education. If I have any questions they are always happy to answer. Shifts can be long but having four days off helps a lot with school. I will always recommend someone to work at this facility if they are interested in the medical field. I do hope to one day walk these halls with a white robe and a stethoscope around my name. Great way to start!
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I love working at Salem health. It’s been the best place to work as a nursing assistant and the experience I’ve gained has been tremendous. I recently got into nursing school and really don’t think I could have done it all without such wonderful support, experiences, and guidance from everything I know at Salem Health. I would highly recommend working at this hospital. It has great benefits to offer as well as being a overall great place to work!
I worked at Salem Health Hospital and Clinics as EVS (Environmental Service Specialist). Walking into this building and taking this position I didn't know what to expect. I'm glad that I walked into that building and took that position. Taking this position I would like to consider it has the blue collar worker of the hospital EVS was lowest of the scrubs level but we legit had accesses to everything in the hospital. Having that benefit I was able to actually learn about how hospitals operate, how care management works, how insurance companies actually work. How often an actual doctor sees a patient how things are delegated from doctor -->nurse---> CNA etc.. But in the closing months of my time as EVS I learned some of the most important lesson in life, self worth, self love, forgiveness. I could change one thing about the place it would be offering free lunches for staff.